Wassup @ Village Bookstore

  The University Village Bookstore has several promotions going on during the first weeks of classes that include:

> Best of Fall 2013:  a series of special titles that come with a 20% discount.  Some of the titles include

RG3  as the Best Sports Book Overall by author David Sheinin

Still Foolin' 'em as the Best Celebrity Bio by Billy Crystal

> BANNED Book Week:  is soon approaching and we have a great selection of titles that will surprise you that

have been " banned " in various parts of the US and for various reaons !

> Buy 2, Get 1 Free:  purchase 3 copies of a select number of children and adult titles and get one of them  free.  Check out our

table for those titles and details.

> Our everyday Bestseller table that includes a 30% discount off our Hardback titles.

These special promotions and more are now happening at the Village Bookstore.

Posted By: Marc Katz
Date: Wed Sep 11 10:43:25 EDT 2013