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Diversity Organizations

African Caribbean Association

The African Caribbean Association (ACA) was founded by several friends of different nationalities who were inspired to rejuvenate an organization for the enhancement and unification of African and Caribbean students at Old Dominion University. ACA was officially recognized as an organization in the spring of 2001 and has progressed significantly since then. ACA participates in a number of different events throughout the year and some of these events include co-sponsoring with other organizations, Homecoming Parade, Cultural Explosion, ACA web jam, ACA appreciation week and most importantly, Africa @ ODU. Africa @ ODU is an event that ACA takes pride in and looks forward to planning each year as the program continues to teach students about the beauty of Africa. ACA's goals are to promote growth and leadership within our members, to promote cultural reinforcement by educating each other as well as others about our identity and background. Everyone is invited to join ACA because our main purpose is to spread diversity throughout the campus of Old Dominion University.

Asian Pacific American Student Union

The purpose of Asian Pacific American Student Union is to raise awareness about the Asian Pacific Islander Americans community, rich history, and its many invaluable contributors to our society. Beyond encouraging the younger generation of APIAs to learn about their heritage and identity, APASU works to help students gain civic and political empowerment, cultivate professional development, and strengthen one's own interpersonal dynamics. APASU's mission is to increase the level of awareness and consciousness of Asians and APIAs at the university. It serves as the voice for the university's APIA community by working in collaboration with other organizations and cultures.

Black Student Alliance

We are an organization that strives to provide African-American based social, educational and cultural events. We are very prominent in ensuring that the voices of Black students on campus are heard. The organization is comprised of students who are interested in making a difference on campus through involvement in events and volunteering. We encourage anyone who is interested in African-American culture to join. Some of our events include our annual Halloween party, fashion show, and Club Candlelight.

Chinese Student Scholars

ODU-CSSA is the Chinese Student and Scholar Association at Old Dominion University. Their mission is to assist Chinese students and scholars, facilitate communication within the large Chinese community both on and off ODU campus and promote Chinese culture to the university through a variety of activities. They welcome people from all backgrounds as members. ODU-CSSA is a non-profit student organization run by volunteers. To join, please register on their mailing list: cssa-l@list.odu.edu.


(Determined Educated Sisters Taking Initiative N Encouraging Dreams) To promote service and excellence and dedicating ourselves to make a difference one community at a time.

Egyptian Student Association

The Egyptian Student Association of Old Dominion University is a nonprofit organization that aims at integrating the Egyptian community with the American society. Most of our members are graduate students, are friendly, and want to join lots of events at ODU. Our events are divided into two parts: sport events - playing soccer or another sport - and outdoor gatherings. For more information, enter ESA-ODU on Facebook.

Filipino American Student Association

The Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at Old Dominion is an organization that has been on campus for 18 years. The mission statement for FASA is to spread more awareness of certain issues concerning Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, and to preserve the Filipino culture, not just at ODU, but in the Hampton Roads community at large. FASA networks with other sister organizations from VT, UVA, VCU, W&M and other local organizations. FASA is also known for events like CIPHER, a show that promotes multiculturalism in the performing arts, and our annual FASA Culture Night, which educates the viewers about Filipino culture and issues through dance, song, multimedia presentations and poetry.

Golden Key International Honor Society

Golden Key International Honor Society is truly international, with over 360 chapters in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. It is also a proud member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Our organization provides over $400,000 annually in undergraduate and graduate scholarships. There are opportunities for networking, study abroad, leadership conferences and internships. Golden Key also provides members-only access to discounts on products, graduate resources and top company employment opportunities. With the Society's mission being to enable members to realize their potential, our local chapter works on educational and enrichment seminars, co-sponsorships with the Career Management Center and service projects like Better World Books Drive, Salvation Army Angel tree, Relay for Life and more.

Global Student Fellowship

Global Student Friendship (GSF) is a registered student organization at Old Dominion University. We are very active to serve and help international students not only at ODU but also other local universities in the Hampton Roads area. We help them settling down, so our services are very practical from arrival assistance, providing temporary housing, grocery shopping, giving rides, etc. The most demanding service would be our donated furniture delivery (furniture, mattress, kitchen utensils, electronics, etc.) and it is free of charge (if items are available). The other events we organize are Norfolk and U.S. Naval Base Bus Tours, International Student Thanksgiving Banquet, a summer bus trip, seasonal picnics, parties, visiting local attractions, introduction to American culture and family, and others. We are grateful for the support that we receive from Old Dominion University and many local friends to make ODU a welcoming university and "a home away from home" for many International students.

Indian Students' Association

Indian Students' Association (ISA) is a nonprofit socio-cultural student organization at ODU. It is one of the biggest organizations at Old Dominion University and also one of the oldest. The origin of ISA at ODU can be traced back to 1977. For around 30 years Indian students have been contributing to the university's cultural diversity. ISA provides an opportunity for all students of Indian and foreign origin to interact and share the rich cultural heritage of India. The primary goal is to provide a homey atmosphere for the students and families from India. ISA takes pride in promoting awareness about Indian tradition, cuisine, music, art and dance forms by conducting events all year around. In addition, ISA also actively participates in community events, namely Adopt-a-Spot and clothing drive. ISA is managed annually by a new executive committee, which has representatives elected from almost every corner of India. This is an ample testimony of democracy and cultural diversity at work. For further information visit www.orgs.odu.edu/isa or contact Amit Kulkarni (President) at akulk004@odu.edu.

International Student Christian Fellowship

ISCF is "a home away from home." ISCF exists to assist international students with their social, physical and spiritual needs. It provides an avenue for international students to network with fellow internationals, local American students and families. ISCF organizes events with fun, food and fellowship for students.

  • ISCF achieves this objective by:
  • Mobilizing local American families to befriend international students.
  • International Student Banquet
  • Weekly fellowship
  • Outdoor activities
  • Free shopping and free warm clothes giveaway
  • Social work
  • Games Nights
  • Free English classes


ODU Out is one of the two organizations at Old Dominion University offering a variety of programs to encourage LGBTQA awareness on campus. OUT is a pro-active organization working alongside Multicultural Student Services, Office of Student Activities and Leadership, and other student organizations to promote student involvement while also serving as a safe space for students through discussion groups, game nights, specialty programming, and activities

Saudi Student Association

The Saudi Student Association (SSA) is an officially recognized campus organization that was created by ODU Saudi students. The main purpose of this organization is to promote learning and sharing of Saudi culture and heritage, to help and support the new Saudi students, and to provide a home atmosphere for all Saudis. It is open to any one who possesses an interest in learning more about the Saudi culture. The SSA organizes many activities and events that cover a variety of aspects. It aims to make a harmonious student atmosphere that helps students to share and exchange their ideas.

The F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S.

The Fantastic Outstanding Ridiculously Entertaining Immigrant Geniuses with Narcissistic and Egotistical Rational Squad (F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S.) is established for the purpose of developing international and American relations through purely social and entertaining means. It is the largest international organization on campus uniting students from countries all over the world. All the events are free and full of fun. You don't need to be an international student to join the F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R.S. If you are not foreign to the country, you are foreign to the campus! Our main interests are parties, adventures, sports and any ideas our members have. We also provide assistance for international students in any possible way that we can and definitely assist in all the great on-campus events.


To unite the community, work in the inner city, and organize events to benefit local charities. @odutrustlive

Other Organizations