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Department ofWomen's Studies


The Women's Studies Department at Old Dominion University, established in 1977, was the first such program in Virginia, and in 1995 became the first among state-assisted schools in the Commonwealth to offer a baccalaureate in women's studies. Now a department, Women's Studies has been notable for its faculty and curriculum development and for multicultural and global emphases.

In Fall of 1995, Old Dominion University became the first state-assisted school in Virginia to offer a major as well as a minor in women's studies.

Women's Studies students
Women's Studies

Our courses are stimulating and engaging, with rich class discussion and clear applicability to the world around you. We also cross-list courses on women from many different departments each semester. Even if you choose not to major or minor in women's studies, you can still find many individual women's studies courses that help you meet general education requirements and give you a rewarding educational experience in the process.


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