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Community Health (M.S.)

In Development

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Degree Level: Graduate
College: Health Sciences
Major : CEH
School: Community & Environmental Health
Degree Earned: Master of Science
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The School of Community and Environmental Health offers a Master of Science in Community Health leading to careers in the nation's health system. Special emphasis in each of the CHP courses is placed on the examination of current trends, issues, problems, and possible solutions. It provides a preparatory base for administrative and academic careers in specialties as well as general areas of community health. Emphasis areas are available in community health education/promotion, health-care management, environmental health, and long-term care administration. While a previous degree or work experience in health care is not required for admission, many students who are selected for this program already have professional qualifications in the health-related fields: health education, physical therapy, environmental health, nursing, dental hygiene, or other disciplines. The course of study is designed to promote the development and application of the professional skills required to meet the leadership needs of the community health field in the United States. The course of study covers a minimum of one and a half years including summer school. Options for part-time students, which may take more time are also available. The program includes core courses, emphasis areas courses, and opportunities for completion of a practicum or a thesis.

Related Experiences

Internships in areas related to the program are available. Students are encouraged to assist with faculty research projects and to present their own research at regional, national and international professional communication associations. Opportunities to develop study abroad programs are available.


Curriculum Information

View this program in the Current 2011-2012 Catalog or view Previous Catalog Years.

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Standard ODU admission criteria and procedures are required for admission to this program.


Fall Spring Summer Financial Assistantship
Domestic June 1
November 1
March 1
International April 15
October 1
February 1




Recommendations 2 (from former or or professional persons) and resume
Essay A paper is required, discussing career goals and their relationship to CH graduate program
Transcripts From all prior institutions
Additional Instructions A CV or resume is required