Fire Drills Week of 04/22

The Fire Safety Office will be conducting fire drills at the following locations this week.

Monday:          Monarch Theater - 9:00am; Women's Rowing Facility - 10:15am

Tuesday:        Perry Library - 9:00am; MGB - 9:20am; Chemistry - 9:35am; OCNPS - 9:50am

Wednesday:  Garage A - 9:00am; ECS - 9:15am; Diehn - 1:00pm

Thursday:       Athletic Admin. - 9:00am; Soccer - 9:20am; Powhatan Sports Complex - 9:30am; Student Rec. Center - 10:00am

Friday:             Virginia Beach Higher Education Center - 10:00am

Thanks to all for your support and participation in the drills.

Posted By: Charles Core
Date: Sun Apr 21 08:48:02 EDT 2013