Environmental Opportunities!

Want to enact real change? Want to become a vital asset to the activist community? Tired of knowing that you could be doing so much more?

Attend PowerShift 2013 in Pittsburgh! PowerShift is a gathering of thousands of young activists, coming together for workshops, skill-shares, seminars, and more, all specialized to certain areas of interests and experience-levels.  Check out www.wearepowershift.org for more information on this inspiring, momentous event!

**Take advantage of scholarships, transportation, lodging, and group rates. Perfect for everyone interested in changing the world: Students, faculty, staff, individuals, organizations... Everyone!

To learn more about this opportunity, as well as many local ones, contact Erin Fagan (Greenpeace Training Coordinator & TerraScapes Environmental Project Manager) at efagan@odu.edu.


Note to professors: Erin Fagan (Greenpeace &TerraScapes) and Emily Heffling (Chesapeake Climate Action Network) are travelling around Virginia for "class raps" (speaking to classes) about student involvement in the community, opportunities, conservation, and sustainable energy. If you would like your class added to the list, email efagan@odu.edu or call 757-803-3001. Summer or Fall classes are both fine! We look forward to speaking with your class!

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Posted By: Erin Fagan
Date: Tue Jul 09 00:27:47 EDT 2013