Make It So

  The new Star Trek movie,"  Into the Darkness " is set to begin this week and the Village Bookstore

has a great selection of books for all of their inter-galactic fans.  Some of the titles include:

" The Star Trek Craft Book " with instructions to make 25 unique Star Trek crafts.

" Stuck on Star Trek " which allows you to relive your favorite Star Trek moments w/ "Kling-on" stickers

" How To Speak Klingon "--the title says it all pretty much.

So whether you are a Trekkie or an alien, ready phasers and check out these works before

you head to the movies.   " ylghoSD'!*      (Good Luck in Klingon)

Posted By: Marc Katz
Date: Wed May 15 10:58:21 EDT 2013