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Office ofAssessment

Spong Hall


The mission of the Office of Assessment is to provide leadership and support for all academic programs and administrative units in assessing student learning, student experiences, and/or efficiency and effectiveness as part of a continuous quality improvement program designed to impact learning and teaching and meet accreditation standards.


More specifically, the goals of Assessment are to collaborate with faculty and staff in assessing:

(1) learning outcomes of each academic program and efficiency and effectiveness objectives of each administrative unit;

(2) student learning outcomes of the General Education program including assessment in six competency areas (writing proficiency, technical / information literacy, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning, oral communication, and critical thinking) required by SCHEV;

(3) institutional effectiveness related to the University's accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) and specialized accreditations held by several colleges and individual academic programs;

(4) entering students' potential for academic success and persistence;

(5) student success programs to improve academic success and persistence;

(6) overall student satisfaction in a variety of academic and support areas; and,

(7) alumni satisfaction with the education they received at the University. Assessment results are consistently used for program improvement.

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