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Batten College ofEngineering & Technology

Distinguished Honors Celebration 50th Anniversary Gala

Dean's Corner

Spring semester may start off in the thick of the wintry weather, but it always ends in a flourish of warmth. The warmer months signal the impending close of the semester, and in some cases, the end of undergraduate or graduate studies for students and, of course, the many merriments that mark these milestones.

Ask any member of our BCET family what my favorite annual end-of-the-semester event is, and the response is overwhelmingly the Distinguished Honors Celebration. This is an event that brings together current and past students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College. What is more, it helps support the bright minds of our student body while commending those in the engineering community who might just inspire our future engineers.

As I have said many times before, I am proud of the atmosphere of open inquiry and exploration maintained at ODU Engineering. It is events such as the Distinguished Honors Celebration that promote and further this mindset at the College. If you would like to join in this support of our students, read on in the College News for sponsorship details and event information. Hope to see you on May 16th!

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