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Training & Development

Accounts Receivable/Cashiering Training

This training (Dealing with Payments/Cashiering) is part of the Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM) and required for all those who collect money for the University. Re-training is required every two years.

Banner Training

Hands-on Banner training is available to Banner users through the University community who need to learn the skills necessary to use the administrative computer system.

Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM)

The Office of Finance has designed a multi-section training program that focuses on the business practices needed by budget units.

Classified Employee Leave Management

Leave policies and procedures for classified employees comply with the provisions of the Policies and Procedures Manual issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Human Resource Management.

Faculty & Staff Assessment

In 2000 a 2-year assessment plan and reporting cycle was developed to document our ongoing institutional effectiveness efforts.

Global Certificate Program

The Global Certificate Program has been established to assist in dealing with misunderstanding and frustrations when dealing with other cultures.


The Leadership and Management Development Certificate program provides the opportunity to become leaders and managers within the university.

Open-Enrollment Courses

Employees have the opportunity to sign up for open-enrollment courses that increase their understanding of university responsibilities.

Performance Management & Evaluation

Performance Management and Evaluation for classified employees.

Progressive Discipline

Progressive discipline is used to improve performance and change behavior.

Safety Training

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety provides safety training lectures on a variety of subjects and situations you might encounter around campus.

Supervisor Essential Program

This training series is critical for supervisors who have the responsibility of hiring, evaluating, coaching and terminating classified employees.

Travel Training

This training (Accounts Payable, Part 1: Travel) is part of the Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM).

University Supervisor Responsibilities

The supervisor is responsible for assuring that complete and accurate leave taken is submitted by the employe via the web.

Web Time Entry Training

Web Time Entry training for classified and hourly staff and for supervisors/approvers of classified and hourly staff.