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You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Do you homework, Resume writing and professional communication are key. Here are some resume tips to get started, check yourself, share with others, then get an expert opinion:

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As a DL student, it is easy to feel alone in furthering my career but CMC offers value and services to all ODU students. Get involved, and get ahead.

- Brent Ransom, Psychology - Lord Fairfax CC

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a job!

What is ODU CareerLink?

ODU CareerLink is our online database for all job opportunities and so much more! Whether you're looking for a part-time job, internship/co-op experience, entry level or experienced positions in your field, employers are looking for you in ODU CareerLink.

How do I find a job?

ODU CareerLink opportunities are posted just for ODU students and alumni along with an extended network of national jobs. ODU CareerLink Jobs are targeted by Position Type to help you look for campus, part-time, full-time, or internship positions.

The Advanced Search allows you to Save a job Search Agent and Schedule to receive jobs you qualify for based on your specific needs.

What is a search agent?

A search agent sends you an email anytime new positions enter the ODU CareerLink system based upon the criteria you specify.

The Advanced Search allows you Save a job Search Agent and Schedule to receive jobs you qualify for based on your specific needs.

I need a Resume to get a job?

How do I get my resume reviewed?

You can email your Resume to our Cyber Career Coaches for an online review cybercoach@odu.edu OR stop by our Cyber Career Center in 2202 Webb Center during our drop-in hours.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my resume reviewed?

No! You can email your Resume to our Cyber Career Coaches for an online review cybercoach@odu.edu OR stop by our Cyber Career Center in 2202 Webb Center during our drop-in hours. No appointment necessary!

Can you help me with my CV?

Sure! To get you started, check out the Curriculum Vitae section on our website for info, outlines, and faculty samples! Once you have your draft together, drop-in or email a Cyber Coach for a review!

How do I get my resume approved for College of Business?

Every student who wishes to be admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is required to complete several application steps, one of which is to have their resume approved by a member of the Career Management Center:

  1. Email an electronic copy of the resume to cybercoach@odu.edu.
  2. Visit Constant Hall 1011 during CMC Office Hours with a paper copy of the resume.

How do I know if my resume is approved?

If you email your Resume to a Cyber Coach, you will receive an email response with feedback directly from the reviewer asking for revisions or informing you that the resume was approved. During peak periods, please allow one to two business days for the review to be completed. If you attend office hours, you will receive immediate feedback.

How long does it take for my resume approval to show up in Degree Works?

Normally the Degree Works note appears within 24 hours of the review. During peak periods, this update could take up to 3 business days. If you think your Degree Works note is missing and you feel an error has occurred, please email an electronic copy of the resume to cybercoach@odu.edu. Our Resume Review team will review our internal notes and either correct the error immediately or email you with details. The email reply will include the individual person who is handling your request and you can correspond with them directly once you get to this stage.

How do I get internship experience?

How do I get credit for my internship?

Internships are an agreement between you, the employer, and the University. When receiving credit, requirements are guided by your college/major and often include a minimum class standing/credit hours and grade point average with an evaluation and written reflection due by the end of the semester.

You will need an approved Resume and Internship Orientation to begin the process: Please see steps for your college and contact your internship/co-op liaison/coordinator for specific questions.

Can I get paid for an internship?

An internship can be credit or non-credit and paid or unpaid (one is not dependent on the other). All financial arrangements are the responsibility of the employer.

Students with a Federal Work Study award working for approved non-profit organizations or government agencies may be able to earn FWS funds with the CSI Program which is administered by the Career Management Center.

I need more information about student employment:

Where can I find an on-campus job?

Your first stop is ODU CareerLink. All Federal Work Study positions and dozens of other Campus Student Hourly positions are posted there. If you need help in creating and saving your job search, visit our Cyber Career Center or email cybercoach@odu.edu for assistance from a cyber career coach.

Do you have to file for FAFSA in order to work on campus?

No, you do not need to complete a FAFSA to work on campus. However, there are hundreds of campus work opportunities available for students who have completed their FAFSA. Filling out your FAFSA may provide you with additional opportunities for Federal aid; including loans, grants, and Federal Work Study Awards. Federal Work Study jobs require an award to apply, but you are eligible to apply to campus student hourly positions without an award or FAFSA application.

All of our positions are posted online in ODU CareerLink. All degree-seeking students have an account and can access CareerLink using the Monarch Key login with their MiDAS ID and Password. In CareerLink, just upload your resume and this will allow you to apply to jobs! If you do not have a resume, we have tips and samples to get you started and Cyber Coaches available to assist you.

Although a FAFSA is not required, we encourage you to fill one out through Financial Aid; you may be eligible for federal aid which will widen your net of on-campus work opportunities by making you eligible for federal work study jobs.

How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS)?

Check your award notification from Financial Aid or LEO Online. Eligible students who filed a FAFSA form for financial aid are given FWS amount to accept or decline from the Old Dominion University Office of Financial Aid.

How do I apply for a FWS program?

Different positions have different processes to apply for the positions. Details about applying will be mentioned on the job ad. One way to prepare yourself for the process would be to develop a basic general resume. We have Cyber Coaches to assist you, but to get started; here are some Resume Samples to use as a guide!

How do I accept my FWS award?

Once in the LEO Online Financial Aid review screen, choose accept (or decline) for the FWS offer. Once accepted, FWS awards must be earned and eligibility must be maintained; FWS awards are not automatically applied to your student account.

I have accepted a FWS award, what do I do now?

Once you have accepted a FWS award you can search for a position that will allow you to earn your award:

  1. Log into CareerLink
  2. From the "Jobs" tab and select "ODU CareerLink Jobs"
  3. In the "Position Type" Drop down menu, select "Federal Work Study (FWS)"
  4. Click Search

All available positions are posted and new positions are added regularly. If you do not find a suitable position, please save a job Search Agent to receive an automated job update:

  • Select the "Advanced Search" tab to save, name, and submit your search
  • Schedule your search from the "Search Agent's" tab

A FWS award does not guarantee employment. Like any other job, FWS has a competitive hiring process and you will need to complete a FWS job search in ODU CareerLink. There are a limited amount of FWS opportunities each semester, so apply early.

What forms do I need once I am hired?

Complete the Pre-Employment Application Package. You will need to print these forms and bring them along with your valid picture ID and original Social Security Card in person to an LEAP/FWS Information Session available three times during your Preview date (3:30 & 4:30pm) and on the last Friday of the month (12:30 - 1:30pm).

Filling out this paperwork does not guarantee a job, it does help expedite the process and save valuable time.

What is the difference between LEAP and FWS?

LEAP and FWS are very similar but are still different. LEAP (Learn and Earn Advantage Program) is a freshman employment program that allows students to mix Learning with Earning. Students in this program are placed in different departments around campus and are able to earn a pay check while also taking a weekly class that will teach about professionalism and other workforce readiness skills. FWS (Federal Work Study) is open to any student that applies and is awarded FWS through Financial Aid. FWS students are not placed but instead find and apply for jobs on their own.

LEAP stands for Learn Earn Advantage Program. LEAP places freshman in jobs around campus. The student chooses to work in one of four categories and then the LEAP Coordinator works to place the student in that job on campus based on availability of positions in that category.

The LEAP II Program allows sophomore students to work on campus in a role that is closer related to their major and is geared to prepare students for internships or other work options after their sophomore year. Only sophomore students successfully completing the LEAP program are eligible for LEAPII.

How can I earn my Federal Work Study award?

All Federal Work Study positions are posted in CareerLink. There are many student employment programs to earn your award. If you need help in creating and saving your job search, visit our Cyber Career Center for assistance from a cyber career coach. As with all positions in ODU CareerLink, a resume is required for application. We have Cyber Coaches to assist you, but to get started; here are some Resume Samples to use as a guide!

There are no jobs in CareerLink. What else can I do?

Keep checking, jobs are posted every day. You should also consider talking to various friends, ODU staff and faculty members that you have a relationship with as they may have other suggestions for you. You may also set up a search agent that will inform you when jobs become available.

How do I apply for a job in the café, dining halls or The Ted Constant Convocation Center?

Jobs in the Café and dining halls or any other eating establishments on campus would fall under Aramark. You apply to Aramark positions in person. The Monarch Dining Office located in 2101 Webb Center. For positions at the Ted Constant Convocation Center, please visit the Global Spectrum career page.

I need personalized help with interviewing!

Can I schedule a Mock Interview with a CMC staff?

The Career Management Center offers a multi-day Mock Interview program in the fall and spring semesters where you can practice your interview skills with employers in-person and virtually! Login to your ODU CareerLink account or call 757-683-4388 for information on dates and to RSVP.

Miss the Mock Interview Program? Email cybercoach@odu.edu to request one!

How do I sign up for a mock interview program?

Our mock interview program is scheduled each Fall and Spring semester and allows you to practice the interviewing process with real employers. Mock interview sign up is the same as our on-campus interview process.

Do you offer virtual interviews?

Sure! Email cybercoach@odu.edu for details and to schedule