Online workshop: Foundational Strategies for Effective Online Teaching

Foundational Strategies for Effective Online Teaching

This six-week Web-based workshop will be supplemented with Adobe Connect meetings.  Meeting times and dates will be determined by workshop facilitators and participants.

Based on the assumption that online teaching dynamics require different competencies and facilitation skills than those required in face-to-face teaching, this session will guide participants through the steps of planning, organizing, and facilitating online courses.

Using best practices from the field, attendees will find themselves actively engaged in using a systematic approach to the planning, organizing, facilitating, and evaluating of online courses. More specifically, the workshop will focus on:

  1. Planning online courses: from designing a learner-centered syllabus, to organizing course content and layout, to evaluating course effectiveness
  2. Preparing the learning environment: understanding students’ and instructors’ roles and responsibilities, getting to know the students, empowering students to successfully manage their online learning experience, and creating an online learning community
  3. Establishing, communicating, and managing student expectations
  4. Identifying effective strategies to reduce faculty workload
  5. Monitoring and managing student performance
  6. Engaging students: using effective communication, interaction (student/faculty, student/content & student/student), collaboration, and timely feedback
  7. Evaluating course effectiveness: analyzing feedback, establishing quality assurance processes, revising and maintaining the course
  8. Understanding online teaching and learning dynamics (misperceptions, pitfalls, myths)

The workshop begins on Wednesday, September 4 and will continue for six weeks (until Tuesday 10/22).

To register:  Log in at and look for the workshop on the September 4 listing on the events calendar.

For more information: Send email to or phone 683-3172.


Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Thu Aug 29 12:12:37 EDT 2013