Storytelling with your iPad -- part of the iPad Workshop Series | a two-hour workshop Wednesday 2/12

iPad Workshop Series

Curious about how to use the iPad in your teaching?  Come and use one at the Center for Learning and Teaching’s hands-on instructional iPad workshops to learn more.

In this two-part series, you will review a variety of apps designed to support your use of the iPad in teaching and discuss the concept of storytelling as an instructional activity. 

The first session, A Sampling of Teaching Apps for your iPad happened on 2/5.  Partcipants learned about iBooks, iThoughtsHD, Evernote, PDF Expert, Keynote, Numbers, Educreations, Dropbox, iTunesU, Dragon Dictation, Flipboard, Ted, Skype, Adobe Connect, and FaceTime, many of which offer unique ways to engage and enrich your students’ learning experience.

The second session, Storytelling with Your iPad will be held on 2/12.  Participants  will review several apps designed to allow you (or your students) to design and produce a three- to five-minute digital story related to your course content. Participants will record audio video segments and use still images to illustrate their narrative. Apps include IdeaSketch, iMovie, Creative Book Builder, Sonic Pics, Explain Everything, and Total Recall. 

In each workshop, you will be offered the chance to experiment with some of the apps as well as share with your fellow participants about ways in which you might use them in your courses.


Session Titles
(Attend one or both)


Session 1: A Sampling of
Teaching Apps for your iPad

Wednesday, February 5  10:00am-12:00pm

Session 2: Storytelling
with your iPad

Wednesday, February 12  10:00am-12:00pm


Where:  The Center for Learning and Teaching’s Faculty Development Lab, Gornto 101.

To register:  Log in at and use the teachODU module or click EVENTS in the top navigation.

For more information:  Send email to or phone 683-3172.

Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Thu Feb 06 09:41:50 EST 2014