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Global Monarch Club

Global Monarch Club

Contact GMC

Email: gmc@odu.edu


Do you wish you could expereince different cultures from around the world?

The Global Monarch Club (GMC) promotes an intercultural experience for domestic and international students, through a mentorship program. It helps them navigate through a global society by learning about various cultures. The GMC provides a welcoming atmosphere for new students to the ODU community. Many new students, especially internationals, undergo a phenomenon called "culture shock". For most of them, it is their first time setting foot outside their home city, or home country-in the case of international students. GMC was established to help transition these students into the new environment. This is done by a one-to-one interaction basis, and also through events coordinated by the Office of Intercultural Relations (OIR). The GMC is the best place to enchance your intercultural engagement and diversity.

Be a Mentor

Mentors are current ODU students who wish to help and welcome new international students to ODU.

Benefits of becoming a Mentor:

  • Explore the world without leaving ODU
  • Enhance intercultural communication skills
  • Make new friends
  • Enhance their resumes
  • Reconnect with a country you visited or connect with a country you are interested in visiting.
  • Engage in leadership opportunities.

Become a Mentor:

  1. Submit application online
  2. Come for an interview
  3. Sign agreement
  4. Be a part of the team!

Be a Mentee

Mentees are new students to ODU who wish to
interact and engage with people from different cultures, through the mentorship program.


Mentor-on-the-Go is a mandatory online form which briefly describes Mentors
interaction with their mentees, on a monthly basis. Please fill your monthly
Mentor-on-the-Go here.

Executive Members

A list of GMC Administrators & GMC Executive Members.