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Monarch Resident Citizen of the Month

Monarch Resident Citizen of the Month


The mission of the Housing & Residence Life (HRL) department at ODU is to provide safe and well-maintained communities that enhance the overall collegiate experience. We want to offer a living and learning experience that facilitates students' development as Monarchs and growth as global citizens.

During the fall of 2011, a group of ODU students launched the Monarch Resident Citizen campaign in an effort to encourage our community to be more committed to a culture of Responsibility, Engagement and Pride (REP). Led by Luis Ferreira and Fred Tugas of the Student Government Association, and Greg Walsh, Student Representative of the Board of Visitors, the initiative was rolled out with great success the week of Homecoming of 2011. The group distributed t-shirts (resembling the old "RUN DMC" t-shirt lettering, but instead saying "REP ODU") and spoke with faculty, staff and other students about the importance of making our campus the best it can be.

The t-shirts have become a popular image and prized possession on campus among the student body. After informally surveying the students during the fall of 2012, the Residence Education staff within the department of Housing & Residence Life decided to develop a residential curriculum that would facilitate development under the umbrella of these tenants, with the hope that implementing this model will better help prepare our students to be holistically competent for life after college. To understand and appreciate why the tenants are valuable and applicable to our work, we needed to examine what it meant to be a Monarch Citizen.

Citizenship works on many levels. While attending ODU, there should be a sense of obligation and opportunities available to develop citizens within our residential communities. Facilitating positive interactions within our residence halls/apartments, addressing student behavior timely and appropriately and developing and holding one another accountable for community living expectations are all interconnected in the creation of a positive living/learning environment and cultivating true Monarch Citizens. While analyzing the tenants, Responsibility, Engagement, and Pride and their planned outcomes, the residential program has evolved into focusing and facilitating growth around the tenant, Responsibility.

Eligibility Requirements

Residents must:

  1. Be nominated by a student, faculty, or a member of the residence hall staff.
  2. Exhibit outstanding leadership, community involvement, participation in hall programming.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to:
  • Embrace Inclusivity
  • Engage and Pursue Scholarship
  • Ensure a Sense of Accountability

Selection Process Guidelines:

  1. Nominations are submitted via Monarch Link (OrgSync) or by paper copy to the Residence Hall Director.
  2. Nominations are submitted and read by hall staff during individual hall staff meetings.
  3. Nominations should be reviewed no later than at the third meeting of each month.
  4. In the event of a tie, nominations will be reviewed and a winner selected by the residence education leadership team.
  5. Selected residents will receive a t-shirt, "The Monarch Citizen of the Month" certificate, and a copy of their nomination.
  6. Only one resident per hall will be selected each month.
  7. Residents can be nominated more than once in an academic year, however, a resident can't be chosen as "The Monarch Citizen of the Month" more than once.
  8. Resident nominations are only valid for the month in which the nomination is submitted; nominations can't roll over month to month.