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Placement Testing

Blackboard will be unavailable from 5:00 p.m. on August 16, 2014 through 6:00 p.m. on August 17, 2014. You will not be able to access the Writing Sample Placement Test or anything else on Blackboard during this time.

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Do I have to take the Writing Sample Placement Test (WSPT)?

Yes. Every student must take the WSPT. There are no exceptions. ODU places a high value on the ability to think critically and learn through the writing process. This process will be emphasized in your coursework.

When should I take the WSPT?

The test will be available in Blackboard 3 business days after you complete the Transfer Online Orientation and/or make your Preview reservation. The test is hosted in a Blackboard group that indicates Preview. Do not take it until you are certain that you are attending Preview on that date or that you are only completing the Transfer Online Orientation. If you change your Preview plans, your name will be moved to a different Blackboard group, and your ungraded test may be lost.

How can I get it graded before Preview?

Complete the test no later three weeks prior to your Preview date. If you miss the deadline, you can still attend Preview, but you won't have your score. However, you can adjust your schedule from home once you receive the grade.

What if there's a technical problem?

Email wspt@odu.edu. Include your name, University ID Number, and a summary of the problem. A staff member will respond to your request as soon as possible.

How do I check my score?

Three weeks after you take the exam:

  • Login into my.odu.edu with your MIDAS ID and password.
  • Click Leo Online.
  • Click Student and Financial Aid.
  • Click Student Records.
  • Click Test Scores.

The WSPT score will be graded as a 3, 1, or 0. If you're dissatisfied with your score, contact Academic Enhancement at 757-683-3699 to review your test and schedule to retake it.

What determines math placement?

Please click here to learn more about math placement, which is determined by your SAT or ACT scores. If you wish to place higher, you may opt to take the COMPASS math placement test.

What determines foreign language placement?

All students who have studied a foreign language in high school for three or more years who wish to continue in that same language must take the Foreign Language Achievement Test. Students with fewer than 3 years of foreign language study in high school may take the test if they wish; otherwise, they must begin with the 101F course. Foreign language courses below the 300 level are not open to native speakers. Students are advised to contact the Testing Center at (757) 683-3697 to schedule an appointment to take the test. There is a $25 fee (may be subject to change) for this test. More information can be found here.

Do I have to take an assessment survey?

Yes. The Transfer Student Survey (for transfer students) or Transition to College Inventory (for freshmen) must be completed online. Failure to complete this requirement will hinder you from registering for your second semester.

The assessments are available on Blackboard three business days after you complete the Transfer Online Orientation and/or register for Preview.

  • Log into my.odu.edu and enter your MIDAS ID and password.
  • Click on Blackboard, located in the right hand column
  • Under My ODU Courses, you will see the course marked Preview. Click it to enter the course.
  • Click on Transfer Student Survey (TSS) or Transition to College Inventory (TCI) in the left-hand menu. Read the information and take the inventory.