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Academic Integrity

Our community standards are based upon the ideals of the Monarch Creed. The Code of Student Conduct further establishes specific standards for student behavior. In addition, the Honor Code embodies Old Dominion University's standards to guide students as scholars in their academic endeavors.

Academic Integrity Resolution Process

Potential academic integrity violations can be resolved via a voluntary resolution between the student and faculty member or by a formal hearing.

Visual Overview of the Academic Integrity Resolution Process

Voluntary Resolution

This option is available if the faculty member chooses to meet with a student, the student acknowledges the violation, and the faculty member is satisfied that the incident can be effectively resolved with a grade sanction. Note: Graduate students, students on conduct probation, and students who have previous violated the Code of Student Conduct regarding academic integrity will not be given the option for a voluntarty resolution.

In such cases, the student accepts responsibility for the violation and agrees to the sanctions. Most students who agree to a voluntary resolution will also be placed on conduct probation for one year from the date of resolution and will be required to meet with an OSCAI staff member to discuss the violation.

Students are highly encouraged to consult with the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity prior to agreeing to a voluntary resolution.

Hearing Resolution

If the faculty member meets with the student, and the student does not accept the proposed resolution, or if the faculty member chooses not to meet with the student, the case will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity for a formal hearing. This process, outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, allows an impartial staff member or a board, consisting of faculty and staff, to decide if the student is responsible for the violation and, if so, determine appropriate sanctions.

Monarch Spirit

Academic Dishonesty Notation

Students may petition to have the "Academic Dishonesty" notation removed from their transcripts.

Reporting Process

Should you discover evidence of Academic Dishonesty, you are encouraged to report the incident to the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity.

Resources for Students

Classroom Disruption

Appropriate conduct by students is an absolute requirement in the college and distance education classroom. The university operates with a zero tolerance policy for disruptive behavior.