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Academic Calendar

Important Notes

PRE-REGISTRATION for Spring and Summer 2015

  • Pre-registration begins November 10 for Spring and Summer 2015.
  • Time tickets are required for pre-registration.
  • Be sure you have resolved all registration holds before attempting to register.
  • Avoid the dreaded Link Errors! Use the new Schedule Planner tool to help register for those pesky lecture/lab/recitation combinations.
  • Pre-registration will last for TWO weeks.
  • Open registration will begin November 22 and no time ticket is required for open registration.

Detailed academic calendars are typically published in March (for the upcoming Fall term) and October (for the upcoming Spring and Summer terms), usually approximately 1-1/2 months prior to the pre-registration period. However, the calendar for any upcoming term will be made available as soon as it is finalized.

The academic calendars for the three most current terms are available below.

Exam schedules for each term are published as soon as they are available; an academic calendar for any term may be published BEFORE exam schedules are ready.

For a general academic calendar showing only major start/end dates and holidays for upcoming terms, consult the University Catalog.

Fall Academic Calendar

Fall semester academic calendar.

Spring Academic Calendar

Spring semester academic calendar.

Summer Academic Calendar

Summer session academic calendar.