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MonarchTeach is a unique collaboration between the College of Education and the College of Sciences at Old Dominion University. Through this innovative teacher preparation program, students majoring in mathematics or science are able to receive teacher licensure while still earning their degree in their content area. (more information)

Goals of the MonarchTeach program:

  • Increase significantly the number of students who will become STEM teachers in Virginia and across the country.
  • Develop outstanding STEM teachers who will make a positive impact on their students.
  • Promote mathematics, science, and technology in the community and improve the quality of STEM education in local schools.

Benefits of the MonarchTeach program:

  • Guidance and support from highly qualified master teachers with extensive high school teaching experience.
  • Academic and social support from peers with similar career interests.
  • Gaining valuable teaching experience beginning the first semester of your freshman year.
  • Feedback from mentor teachers, university faculty, and master teachers.
  • Opportunities for scholarships and paid internships in an educational setting.
  • Access to a dedicated study area and resource room.
  • Continued support after graduation.

Intership 3

Resources for Students

MonarchTeach students have access to a variety of resources that will help them to develop into exceptional educators, including their own workroom and Living-Learning Community.

Teaching Step 2

MonarchTeach Courses

MonarchTeach courses are specifically designed and sequenced to create an excellent teacher preparation program.

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Prospective Students