Alzheimer's Walk Sept 19th

Join us for the ODU Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk!

College is a time to learn and make memories and friends to last a lifetime.  What if one day you woke up and couldn’t remember anything about college?  Alzheimer’s is typically seen as an “old” person’s disease, but the time to start preventing it is now!

Join us as we raise awareness of the prevention of Alzheimer’s!  The ODU Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk is September 19, 2013 at 12:30pm (registration starts at noon) on the Kaufman Mall.  Join us!

Quick Facts about Alzheimer’s:

The ODU Alzheimer’s Walk is in support of the South Hampton Roads Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  This walk is scheduled for Oct 13th at 10am in Virginia Beach.  To learn more about how to get involved or to fundraise, please visit:


The ODU Alzheimer’s Walk is sponsored by the Office of Community Engagement with generous support from the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement  For more information, please contact Tami at or 683-7481.

Posted By: Tamorah Park
Date: Wed Sep 11 17:31:54 EDT 2013