Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation: Lessons Learned

The Department of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering and the Emergent Risk Initiative @ ODU presents 2014 Colloquium Series on Risk


Title: Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation: Lessons Learned

When: March 27 (Thursday) at 2 - 3 PM (Eastern)

Where: Kaufman Hall 247 at BCET-ODU; Webcast at


Facilitated by: Daniel Heimerdinger, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Exostrategies, Inc.



The Space Shuttle Columbia and crew of 7 was lost upon re-entry on February 1, 2003.  That event triggered the second independent investigation for loss of a Shuttle and crew.  Dr. Heimerdinger was a member of the investigative team on the independent Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB). He will provide snap-shots and discuss lessons learned from videos and simulations from the launch impact, event reconstruction, and debris assessments of the event.


More details in the attached flyer.

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Posted By: Cesar Pinto
Date: Tue Mar 04 05:24:51 EST 2014