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Global Certificate Program

One hallmark of Old Dominion University over the past decade has been a significant increase in our international education activities and programs. The international student population has more than doubled and become more complex in its demographics. The number of domestic students who study abroad has gone from a very few to several hundred a year. Foreign visiting scholars now conduct their research and professional activities throughout campus.

What the Global Certificate Program Means

Policies and procedures always reflect their surrounding culture. Those from different cultural backgrounds can easily be confused by how we process papers, handle problems, establish and administer polices, or even simply interact with them. US students who study overseas come back with cultural changes, and expect that their new perspectives will be understood by others.

Even students who have very good English skills may be overwhelmed by the language of the institution and surrounding community. Those who are still developing their English proficiency have additional barriers to effective communication and the services they need.

Students who come in on temporary visas always have the overlay of immigration and other legal regulations on any aspect of their education. Such simple procedures as dropping a class may need to be looked at in the larger sense of how it affects their ability to stay in the United States.

This can result in misunderstanding and frustration at a lack of service-even when an employee is trying to do everything right.

To help meet the needs of employees who are working with our global population, the Office of International Programs and the Department of Human Resources offers workshops on the issues and skills relevant to serving international students and scholars. Through the program, participants can earn a certificate on understanding and serving our global community.


For Certificate, participants must attend six sessions to receive the certificate: Communicating Effectively with International Students and Scholars, which is a core course and five more elective sessions.

Ten sessions are offered each academic year (five in the Fall & five in the Spring).

Elective sessions' topics differ from semester to semester.

Register for 2014 Sessions

Login to the ODU Knowledge Center at https://covkc.virginia.gov/odu

Keywords for these sessions: ODU Global 2014

Graduate Assistants: If you cannot register through the Knowledge Center, please email Degi Sukhbaatar directly at dsukhbaa@odu.edu with your full name and the session(s) you would like to attend.

For more information on the Global Certificate Program, please contact Delgerjargal (Degi) Sukhbaatar.