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The Office of Counseling Services is starting a Student Organization Chapter at ODU called Active Minds (www.activeminds.org ). If you're unfamiliar with Active Minds, here are some highlights about the organization! We are looking to have an interest meeting in a couple of weeks. Contact JaNaé Taylor at j1taylor@odu.edu if you're interested and we will be in touch to schedule an interest meeting.

Counseling is a unique, confidential, and collaborative relationship between a trained helper and a person seeking help in which both the skills of the helper and the atmosphere created assist people with learning to relate to themselves and others in healthier ways.

Although you may handle many things on your own, sometimes a little outside help or a different and more objective point of view can help you with putting your problems in perspective and handling them more effectively.

Individual, couple, and group counseling are available to help students with personal, academic, and career concerns. Students coming to the Office of Counseling Services are usually seeking more effective and rewarding lives by confronting personal problems, career questions, skill development issues, or value questions.

Counseling is not only for people with "problems." Many people find significant benefits in counseling such as: increasing self-awareness, maximizing potential, and making the overall college experience more productive and meaningful.


Counseling Services' staff members are available for consultation with students, staff and faculty. These meetings often focus on working with individual students, organizational problems, ways of improving student environments, or other issues that may have important psychological dimensions.

The Old Dominion University Office of Counseling Services wants to help you but, remember, on-line information cannot substitute for an in-person appointment with a professional counselor. Also, if you are not sure about where to turn for assistance with mental health concerns, please call the Office of Counseling Services at (757) 683-4401.


Confidentiality is an important aspect of Counseling Services. All records are confidential and are not part of your Old Dominion University record. No information will be released outside the Office of Counseling Services without written consent from the client except in emergency life-and-death situations and as legally required (e.g., such as child abuse, elder abuse, court orders).

Advice for Parents

You are entering a period that is exciting and frightening all at the same time. Find some tips for dealing with the big change in your lives.

Common Issues

Find resources and help with dealing with issues that are common among college students.

Helping Others

If you know a student who needs counseling there are different ways you can provide them with help.

Services Provided

Counseling Services supports the university by giving academic coaching, career assessment, crisis intervention and a variety of workshops and presentations.

Training Opportunities

The Practicum Program at the Old Dominion University Counseling Center provides training in collegiate mental health.