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University Publications

University Communications

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Get your message out to the campus and beyond with many different communication options.

Publication Design & Production


Guidelines and procedures for publications and printing of other materials.


To support the overall mission of Old Dominion University's academic and administrative units through the writing, design and production of campus-wide marketing, promotional and recruitment materials. This includes communicating the strength and integrity of the institution to both internal and external audiences, based on the University Branding and Marketing plan.

What We Do

University Publications offers the following services that support the marketing of Old Dominion University to its various constituencies, including students and parents, prospective undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and the general public. The office focuses on projects that require a combination of original design, writing, photography and printing. University Publications is available as a consultant on all projects that ultimately promote Old Dominion University, both to the public and on campus.

Design Services

University Publications offers professional design and editorial services to the ODU community. We are proud to report our award-winning record in several national visual art and marketing competitions. Those skills are available in-house, at no charge, to accommodate the needs of our University clients. We also review publications to insure the University's brand image is portrayed consistently and professionally.

In the planning stage for your publication, please refer to the How We Work section of our Web site to review the recommended time estimates for publication production, which involves editorial review, design and printing.

Editorial Services

University Publications has an in-house editor who provides copy, rewriting existing text and copy editing for print communications. We are also available for editorial consultation, which aids in determining an editorial strategy and approach for your project.

How We Work

Before contacting University Publications, you should have a general sense of the scope of your publication, such as:

  • Will you need writing, editing, design and/or photography?
  • What publications format best suits your objectives-brochure, booklet, etc.?
  • What is your overall printing budget?
  • When do you need delivery?

This last question is paramount, as the creative and production process can span from 3-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your job. (See our sample time estimates below.) Once you have assessed these questions, you will have the necessary information for University Publications to get started.

Project Timelines

Talk to us about your special needs. The following timelines estimate the production schedule of an average project within University Publications and completed by external vendors. More complicated designs, long text and complex production processes can alter the delivery date by weeks. These timeline estimates allow for scheduling your design, proofreading and production needs for an average project into our current workload. The timeline begins on the date the publications request form, electronic MS Word file and hard copy are submitted to Publications and ends with delivery of the materials.

Sample Timeline Estimates

  • flier/poster/invitation/postcard: 2-4 weeks
  • brochure/program: 3-6 weeks
  • annual report/magazine: 6-8 weeks