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Estimated Costs/Fees

Estimated Costs for F-1 & J-1 Students

Required funding for I-20 & DS-2019 issuance

Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition & Fees $26,100 $20,400
Housing $6,500 $6,500
Personal/Books $4,500 $4,500
Health Insurance $2,000 $2,000
Estimate $39,100 $33,400
  • Estimates are based on full-time enrollment for the 9 month academic year (15 credit hours for Undergraduate/9 credit hours for Graduate). Summer semester costs not included. These conservative estimates are based on the needs of an average student without dependents. Costs increase annually, and are subject to change without notice.
  • Year round (12 month) health insurance is required, and students are automatically enrolled in a University sponsored health insurance policy for the entire duration of their studies. These costs are added to your tuition bill, and can be paid in one payment or through installments via enrollment in a payment plan.

Dependents in F-2 & J-2 status

Living Expenses Health Insurance* Estimated Additional Cost
Spouse $2,500 $5,500 $8,000
Child $2,300 $1,980 $4,280
Spouse + 1 child $4,800 $7,500 $12,300
Spouse + 2 children $7,100 $9,450 $16,550
Spouse + 3 children $9,400 $9,450 $18,850
Spouse + 4 children $11,700 $9,450 $21,150
Spouse + 5 children
$9,450 $23,450
Spouse + 6 children
$9,450 $25,750
  • Spouses and children in F-2 & J-2 status require additional funding for living and personal expenses. These added costs must be factored into the total amount of guaranteed support and included on ODU's Financial Affidavit of Support. A copy of each dependents' passport identification page or birth certificate is required.
  • Though purchase of the University sanctioned health insurance plan is not mandatory for dependents in F-2 status, ODU strongly encourages coverage while residing in the United States. Per federal law, dependents in J-2 status require both additional funding for living expenses and must maintain health insurance coverage that meets requirements outlined by the Department of State.

Rate Details

Selected Mandatory Fees

Technology Delivered Online Course Fee - $20 per credit hour

Effective beginning Fall 2014-2015 semester, a technology fee will be charged to students taking technology delivered (online) courses to cover the costs of providing these courses.

Mandatory - Fee applicable to all students
taking technology delivered (online) courses. This fee is not subject to waivers.

New Student Transition Fee -
The New Student Transition Fee will be assessed to all new degree-seeking, non-distance undergraduate students and covers orientation and other transition-to-college programming.

The fee will be included in the tuition billing statement and is due by tuition deadline.
Mandatory - Fees applicable to all new degree-seeking, non-distance undergraduate students. This fee is not subject to waivers.
General Services Fee- $9.00 All students pay this fee each semester, regardless of the number of classes taken. This fee replaced the graduation fee, per course drop fees, reinstatement fees, matriculation fees, and the University Catalog fee. Mandatory- Fees applicable to all students regardless of domiciliary classification. The fee is not subject to waivers.
Student Health Fee - $76.00
Summer optional ($50.00)
The Student Health Fee is mandatory for full-time students ($76).

Undergraduate students taking 12 or more credit hours must pay this fee each semester.

Graduate students taking 9 or more credit hours must pay this fee each semester.

The fee is not charged for students taking all off-campus courses. If any courses are officially designated as Norfolk Campus courses, then the fee is mandatory.
Mandatory - Fees applicable to all students unless otherwise noted. The fee is optional for part-time students. The fee is not subject to waivers.

This fee is optional in the summer ($50).
Transportation Fee - $55.00
Not charged in Summer Sessions
The transportation fee is paid once each semester by all students. However, no fee is charged during the summer term. The fee is charged for students taking courses officially designated as Norfolk campus courses.

If any courses are officially designated as Norfolk campus courses, then the transportation fee is mandatory.
Mandatory - Fees applicable to all students, including those enrolled in student teaching, dissertation, theses, and GRAD 999 unless otherwise noted. This fee is not charged in the summer.
Course-Related Fees Fees may be assessed to students based on their enrollment in specific courses to cover the cost of laboratory support, other materials, or private lessons. Fees vary - Fees are identified with courses listed in the Guide to Enrollment published on the Office of the Registrar's web site.
International Student Fee $35.00 per semester The International Student Fee is mandatory for students attending the University on a student visa. This fee covers the administrative services associated with non-immigrant visa compliance and other related services. Mandatory - Fees applicable to students attending the University on a student visa.

International Student Health Insurance (F & J Visa Holders)

$144 per month

Health insurance charges are posted directly to the student's billing statement and are due on the tuition deadlines for the academic year. International students have the option of participating in the University's Payment Plan available in Fall and Spring semesters only.

Fall Semester (Aug-Dec) charges due Fall tuition deadline.

Spring Semester (Jan-July) charges due Spring tuition deadline.

Summer Semester (May-July) charges due Summer tuition deadline.

Non-credit students enrolled in the English Language Center Program will be charged based on the session. Tuition and fees for non-credit programs are due at the time of enrollment.

Mandatory for F and J Visa holders and all nonimmigrant dependents. For more information contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).
Other Fees Other fees are assessed for special services. For more information, contact Customer Relations via e-mail at tuition@odu.edu.

Current Room Rates

Residence Hall

Room Type

Annual Cost

Semester Cost

Summer Cost

Dominion House Deluxe Single $7,402 $3,701
Single $6,924 $3,462
Double $6,072 $3,036
England House Permanent Triple
$4,896 $2,448
Double $6,072 $3,036
France House Deluxe Double $6,488 $3,244
Double $6,072 $3,036
Gresham Complex Double $5,470 $2,735
Ireland House Deluxe Single $7,402 $3,701
Single $6,924 $3,462
Double $6,072 $3,036
Nusbaum One Bedroom $7,248 $3,624
Two Bedroom - Deluxe Single $6,724 $3,362
Two Bedroom - Single $6,362 $3,181
Powhatan Village Two Bedroom - Double
$5,718 $2,859
Rogers Complex Double Room $5,470 $2,735
Scotland House Permanent Triple
$4,896 $2,448
$6,072 $3,036
The Inn Permanent Triple $4,484 $2,242
Deluxe Double $6,186 $3,093
Double $5,660 $2,830
University Village Buildings 1-10* One Bedroom $12,737 $5,313 $2,111
Two Bedroom $10,806 $4,508 $1,790
Four Bedroom $8,569 $3,575 $1,419
Virginia House Deluxe Single $7,402 $3,701
Single $6,924 $3,462
Double $6,072 $3,036
Whitehurst Double $5,470 $2,735

*The University Village Apartments, buildings 1-8, have an 11.5 month contract period. Students in these buildings are responsible for the summer costs associated with the terms of the contract.

**The Foundation House is a scholarship house; applicants must demonstrate high academic promise and financial need. A special application and interview process is required.

Meal Plans

On-Campus Meal Plan Rates

Meal Plan Meals/Period Flex Points/Semester Cost/Term ** Eligibility

Block 300




All Residents

Block 225 225/semester $200 $2,064 All Residents
Block 160 160/semester $450 $2,064 All Residents
Block 160 Plus
160/semester $550 $2,143 All Residents
Block 80 80/semester $350 $1,139 Powhatan
Block 50 50/semester $125 $653 Powhatan
Block 50 Plus
50/semester $250 $760 Powhatan
Block 25
25/semester $100 $376 Powhatan

*Meal exchange at the P.O.D. Markets any time for ALL meal plan holders.

  • Meals do not transfer from semester to semester.

  • Flex point balances will carry over from Fall to Spring semester, if a meal plan is purchased both semesters.

  • Plans will be turned off at the end of Spring semester exams.

Meal Plan


Flex Points



Block 300





Block 225





Block 160





Block 160 Plus





Block 80





Block 50





Block 50 Plus





Block 25





+ Meal exchange swipes any day and any time of day at the P.O.D. Market.

* Block meals can be used to allow your guests to dine with you.