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Non-Degree Admission

Old Dominion University offers non-degree admission for visiting students or those interested in receiving licensure for any academic term. Non-degree students must complete an online application for admission into the university and are not eligible to receive financial aid until they become a degree-seeking student.


Permission to attend ODU as a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee admission as a degree-seeking student at the undergraduate or graduate level nor does it guarantee admission into a certificate program or teacher licensure program. Non-degree students are limited to 24 credit hours for undergraduate level courses and 12 credits for graduate level courses. At the graduate level, non-degree students must obtain permission from the graduate program director.


  • Application
  • $50 application fee

* Non-degree applicants do not need to submit credentials such as transcripts or test scores until completing a degree-seeking application

Fast Answers About Non-Degree

Non-Degree Eligibility

  • Students who are under academic suspension from Old Dominion University or any other institution are not eligible to enter as a non-degree student.
  • Traditional freshman applicants who were denied admission to Old Dominion University are not eligible for non-degree admission without a change from the original application type.

Registering for Classes

Non-degree seeking students are eligible to register for classes during open registration. Visit the academic calendar for open registration dates for the semester of intended entry. Prior to open registration, students can view the course schedule for the upcoming semester via www.leoonline.odu.edu and clicking "Class Schedule Search". Once the non-degree application has been processed, students will receive an email confirmation with instructions on registering for classes.

Availability of Financial Aid

Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

How to Change from Non-Degree to Degree-Seeking

Non-degree students must complete an application for admission as a degree-seeking student. Students who have already paid the application fee are not required to pay a second application fee.

Costs & Financial Aid


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