Counseling Supervision Study

The Old Dominion University community is invited to a Ph.D. dissertation defense of the following student in Counseling: 


Aaron Shames

December 2, 2013

11:00 am

Room ED 118




Dissertation Committee:  Dr. Ted Remley (Chair), Dr. Kathleen Levingston (Methodologist), and Dr. Garrett McAuliffe




Supervisors especially find themselves in the midst of ambiguity seeking clarity of their role and professional identity within the counseling field. Supervisors wear many hats, the most prominent ones being educator, counselor, and gatekeeper for the profession. Counseling supervisors are expected to establish and maintain a complex blend of professional, educational, and therapeutic relationships with their supervisees. This process involving multiple roles often presents conflicts. One such conflict experienced by supervisors has been termed role ambiguity. Researchers have developed scales for assessing the toleration of ambiguity, reports on the effects of ambiguity, and suggestions about how to address this phenomenon within the supervisory relationship. There is a gap however in describing the essence of role ambiguity as experienced by counseling supervisors themselves. The purpose of this phenomenological inquiry will be to explore the attitudes, meanings, and perceptions counseling supervisors have of their experiences with role ambiguity. Through rigorous methods of in-depth interviewing of professional counseling supervisors I hope to provide a fuller understanding of the essence of role ambiguity counseling supervisors experience that can lead to ways to accept and utilize this phenomenon and increase the effectiveness of the supervision of professional counselors.


            Anyone interested in attending this Ph.D. dissertation proposal defense may obtain a copy of the document prior to the meeting by sending an email to Dr. Ted Remley at .


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