Emergency Evacuation Drills

The Fire Safety Office will continue to conduct Fire Drills this week. The drill schedule is as follows:

Monday              VMASC - 9:00am; Tri-Cities - 9:30am

Tuesday            Tennis Center - 9:00am; Webb Center - 9:10am; Kaufman Hall - 9:25am; Teletechnet - 9:40am; Education - 10:00am; BAL - 10:30am

Wednesday      Monarch Theater - 9:00am; Dragas - 9:15am; Rowing Center - 10:15am

Thursday          Library - 9:00am; MGB - 9:20am; Chemistry - 9:35am; OCNPS - 9:50am

Friday               VBHEC - 10:00am; Diehn - 1:00pm

The complete drill schedule can be viewed at the Risk Management web site.

Posted By: Charles Core
Date: Sun Apr 20 06:30:04 EDT 2014