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Department ofInformation Technology & Decision Sciences

Established almost thirty years ago, the Information Systems and Technology program in the College of Business and Public Administration at Old Dominion University offers a unique combination of business knowledge and technical skills that prepare undergraduate students for success in the highly competitive and increasingly technical business world of the twenty-first century. Students who complete the Information Systems and Technology major as part of their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration undergraduate degree will gain knowledge in the traditional business areas of Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Production/Inventory Operations, and Economics. In addition, students in the major will acquire extensive knowledge and skill in the areas of computerized automation and information systems development.

Prospective students should understand that the Information Technology program at Old Dominion University sets itself apart from many other programs in its commitment to providing a balanced education between the highly integrated fields of general business and Information Systems and Technology. Our program provides you with a fundamental understanding of business operations, coupled with advanced technical skill in such areas as relational database, computer networking, computer architecture and computer programming. These technical skills are then augmented with instruction in the sophisticated tools and techniques needed to successfully integrate them into today's dynamic business environments. It is this balanced emphasis on all aspects of systems work that prepares you for the demands of a business community that increasingly understands that today's business graduates need to understand both automation technology and the complex world within which it is utilized.

Career Opportunities

Now, and in the foreseeable future, the success of any business will depend on the quality of its information systems and the professionals who develop and maintain them. This reality means that the opportunities for those who acquire skills in Information Systems and Technology will continue to be excellent. Money magazine, for example, has ranked the top 100 professions and selected Systems Analyst as the best career in America today. In reaching this conclusion they looked at salary, short-term opportunities, job growth, job security, prestige and stress. Our graduates are currently employed by corporations such as: IBM, AT&T, Gateway, Northrop Grumman, R. J. Reynolds, EDS, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sentara, Bank of America, Perdue, Union Camp, and various local, state, and federal governmental agencies. Starting salaries in the range of $40,000 to $60,000 are not uncommon, with significant opportunities for advancement for those who continue to learn and grow in this challenging field. Typical positions include:

Systems Analyst

The systems analyst plays a significant role in the analysis and design of formal systems. The written and oral communications skills, which are reinforced in the Information Systems program, ensure that graduates learn how to interact effectively with both technical personnel and the business people they support.

Project Manager

Much in demand in today's project-oriented business world, individuals who perform in this position are responsible for the planning and oversight of modern business system development.The Information Systems and Technology major requires students to complete 3 semesters of study in the methods and techniques utilized to be successful in this challenging career path.

Systems Integrator

Recognized as a critical skill in a world where change is a constant, this job requires an understanding of the numerous factors that must be addressed in the conversion process when old systems are replaced with new.

Web Developer

Today's internet is a crucial component to business success.As emphasis continues to shift to Internet based applications the demand for those on the cutting edge of web-based application development will continue to be in great demand.

Database Administrator

Individuals who pursue a career in the field of relational database are responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of an organization's data. In addition to the planning and implementation of databases, they must monitor database activities to ensure the integrity and availability of this shared resource.

IT Security Analyst

System security has continued to grow in importance as organizations and individuals continue to become victims of electronic attacks.Businesses realize they need qualified professionals who understand the threats they face and have the knowledge to combat them successfully.

Network Administrator

These graduates are responsible for ensuring that voice, data, and image transmission networks are available and optimized for all of the organization's users. Telecommunications is one of the most rapidly growing areas in information systems.