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Chair's Welcome

Greetings-we are delighted that you are visiting our departmental website! Please take a moment to explore our degree programs in Communication, Dance, and Theatre, our wide-ranging curricular, creative, and research interests, and our many related extracurricular activities, such as hosting incoming scholars, artists, and professionals, as well as producing a wide array of plays, dance concerts, debate and forensics events, films and multimedia productions, and an annual film and video festival.

Communication and Theatre Arts is the fastest growing department in the College of Arts and Letter. Our department strives to produce creative, culturally aware, and effective communicators and artists. We are student-centered in an approach that is both theoretical and applied, providing the conceptual grounding for lifelong learning and career flexibility, along with opportunities for professional training and off-campus internships.

If you are already a member of our departmental or university community, please use this site as an information resource. If you are just visiting, feel free to discover the many opportunities in and outside the classroom that we provide. Contact us anytime. Let us know how we can be of service to you. We look forward to meeting you soon as students, colleagues, and friends.

Dr. Stephen Pullen