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Admission Information

Admission Forms

How to Apply

You can apply by email after completing the ELC application and attaching supporting documentation.

With the application, you must send:

  • Application fee (a check or money order for US$50.00)
  • ELC Financial Certificate or financial statement from your sponsor's bank with a specific amount of money on deposit to verify the sponsor's ability to pay your expenses.
  • A letter from your financial sponsor (parents, relatives, government, etc.) stating that the sponsor will guarantee payment of your living and education expenses during your stay in the United States. If the English Language Center's Financial Certificate form is completed, a separate letter and/or financial statement is not necessary.
  • Courier service fee (a check or money order for US$35.00). Courier service is optional. International airmail will be used if the courier service fee is not paid.

If you are transferring from another college or school within the U.S. you should send the Transfer-In Form for F-1 Visa Holders.

Financial Guarantee

  • It is your responsibility to demonstrate that sufficient funding is available to meet all educational and living expenses for the duration of study.
  • The English Language Center will issue an I-20 only after this form is completed, certified, and returned with the necessary supporting documents.
  • You will also need copies of your financial documentation to prove to the U.S. consulate that you have sufficient funds, and should therefore make a copy of this form and all supporting documents.

Download the Financial Certificate Form below.

The English Language Center must have an original financial certificate and supporting documents. Photocopies or faxes are not acceptable. If you have more than one sponsor, make a photocopy of this form for each sponsor before you have it completed.

Transferring from Another U.S. School to the ELC

  • If you plan to transfer from another U.S. school to the English Language Center,download and use the below form to notify your current school of your intent to transfer.
  • When we receive the completed form, your current school will update your record in SEVIS as a "transfer out," indicating where you are going, and a transfer release date.
    • You may not have any registration holds preventing your current school from processing your request.