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Customer Relations Employee of the Year

The Customer Relations Employee of the Year Award Program is sponsored by the Human Resources Department and was established to recognize and reward the individual who best exemplifies the University's commitment to deliver positive customer relations service; to direct attention to the employee's contribution to enhancing the image of Old Dominion University; and to demonstrate the University's appreciation and acknowledgment of exceptional customer relations performance. Classified and hourly employees are eligible to be nominated.

The customer relations employee of the year award winner will be announced at the annual recognition program each year (normally in the Fall). The award will consist of an engraved plaque, $500 cash, and three days of recognition leave (if classified).

Announcement of the nominees and the award winner names is made at the annual recognition program held each Fall.


  • Reliability
  • Service to Coworkers
  • Cooperation with customers
  • Department knowledge
  • Knowledge of University
  • Initiative
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Telephone courtesy
  • Enhancement of department operations

Past Winners

2000 Sue Parker
2001 Linda Barnes
2002 David Robichaud
2003 Marla Harvey
2004 Sheila Harris
2005 Patricia Capezio
2006 Scott Harrison
2007 Frankie Lopez
2008 Shannon Eggers
2009 Harry Boucicaut
2010 Donald Nash
2011 Howard Wyle
2012 Cheryl Woods
2013 Lanah Stafford