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Continued Research

Students in Research Lab

Employee Safety


Follow rules and regulations to ensure a safe workplace while at ODU.

Forms, Policies & Procedures

Stack of Books

Funding Opportunities


Find ways to fund your research while at Old Dominion.

Intramural Funding


Limited Submissions

Student Helps with Sound and Lights

Some funding opportunities are "limited submissions," meaning the funder sets a limit on the number of grant proposals that can be submitted by the university within a given period of time.

Research Foundation


The ODU Research Foundation supports and enhances the research mission of the University by creating and developing opportunities to increase sponsored program activity and utilize research results.

Research Compliance

Kent Carpenter

ODU is committed to complying with all research laws and regulations; including animals, humans, chemicals, lasers and more.

Research Resources

Research Lab

Research Development

The 2012 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Research Training

Conducting Research

All members of the ODU community conducting research must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research training.

Innovations Commercialization


Intellectual property generated or acquired by the University is carefully evaluated to protect those inventions and market their potential.