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Summer Research Fellowship Program (SRFP)

Proposal Submission Deadlines

  • Friday, October 25, 2013: Faculty submit proposals to their Dean
  • Monday, November 18, 2013: Deans submit proposals to the Office of Research

Please carefully read the SRFP RFP for details on content and submission of the proposal.

* SRFP-SEECR Proposal Admin Form.doc
SRFP and SEECR Proposal Administrative Form (REQUIRED)


The purpose of the Summer Research Fellowship Program (SRFP) is to provide seed money for research and future scholarly effort primarily for non-tenured tenure track faculty. It is expected that these awards will result in external grants, journal publications, manuscript publication, or display of artistic work.


Eligible applicants are tenure-track and tenured Old Dominion University faculty. Preference will be given to:

  • Investigators who have been at the university for less than four years and who have not served as a Principal Investigator on a significant number of research projects
  • Investigators who have not previously received Summer Research Fellowship Awards

More experienced investigators embarking on exploratory studies which represent a significant change in research direction and for which they have received no external funding to date may be considered for funding.

Award Amounts

The award includes a stipend of $6,000 and up to $1,000 for justified expenses.

2014 SRFP Award Recipients

Kareem Ahmed (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering), "Enhancing the Efficiency and Performance of Confined Premixed Combustion Systems using Flame-Generated Vorticity."

Robert Bruno (Molecular Diagnostics & Translational Sciences), "Development of a Real-time PCR Based Assay for Tracking Chromosome Segregation in Asymmetric Cell Divisions."

Robyn Bluhm (Philsophy & Religious Studies), "Toward an Improved Framework for Clinical Research."

Yunbyeong Chae (Civil & Environmental Engineering), "Development of a Cost-effective Smart Damping Device for Seismic Hazard Mitigation."

Fran Hassencahl (Communication & Theatre Arts), "Analysis of Der Ewige Jude."

Wu He (Information Technology & Decision Sciences), "Investigating Twitter Cyberbullying and Retween Behavior."

Sookyung Joo (Mathematics & Statistics), "Mathematical Theory of Bistable Smectic A Liquid Crystal Displays."

Yating Liu (STEM Education & Professional Studies), "Role of Counterexamples in Eliciting the Understanding of Mathematical Proof: An Experimental Intervention with Secondary Students."

Otilia Popescu (Engineering Technology), "Spectral Shaping for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems with Adaptive Quality of Service."

Daniel Richards (English), "The Rhetorical Construction of Flood Risk in Hampton Roads."

Patrick Sachs (Molecular Diagnostics & Translational Sciences), "Cell Specific Targeted Viral Infections for the Improvement of in vitro and in vivo Viral Response."

Burton St. John III (Communication & Theatre Arts), "Chevron's Public Relations: Building the Affinitive Corporate Personal in Advance of the Climate Change Era."

Lindsay Usher (Human Movement Sciences), "Study of Surf Localism in Pavones, Costa Rica."

2013 SRFP Award Recipients

Brett Bebber (History), "Desegregating Britain: Immigrants, Radicals, and the Struggle for British Civil Rights"

Onur Bilgen (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering), "The First Solid-State Biomimetic Aircraft: The Design, Modeling, Fabrication and Demonstration of the First Solid-State Biomimetic Aircraft."

Elizabeth Black (Foreign Languages & Literature), "The Imaginary Home and the Home as Imaginary in Sixteenth-Century France."

Jamie Colwell (Teaching and Learning), "Using Online Book Clubs to Promote Adolescents' Summer Reading."

Juan Du (Economics), "Health Insurance Coverage and Labor Market Conditions during Recession."

David Godden (Philosophy & Religious Studies), "How Pictures Persuade: Evaluating Visual Argument."

Xiaoxiao Hu (Psychology), "Service with a Smile: Understanding Service Workers' Initial Adjustment to their Work."

Erin Jordan (History), "In a Spirit Strong and Prudent: Gender, Power and Culture in the Latin East."

Gangfeng Ma (Civil & Environmental Engineering), "Intermittent Sediment Suspension Induced by Wave Breaking in the Surf Zone."

Anne Muraoka (Art), "Caravaggio: Counter-Reformation Painter of Rome."

Michael Seek (Engineering Technology), "Thermal Bridging Solutions for Steel Structures."

Lynn Wiles (Nursing), "Simulating Infectious Disease Spread to Increase Hand Hygiene Compliance."