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Office Forms for Students

Academic Training (J-1)
Request for J-1 Academic Training

Address Updates
SEVIS Home Country Address
SEVIS U.S. Address

LeoOnline for "U.S. Permanent" Address (For Fs/Js, this is usually the same as your SEVIS U.S. address. Do not update mailing, current, campus, etc., address.)

Curricular Practical Training (F-1)
Request for Curricular Practical Training (fill out online, then print)

Dependent Document Request
Request for Visa Document for a Dependent
Dependent Responsibilities Form

Leaving ODU (Temporarily or Permanently)
Leave of Absence Form
Program Departure Form
Transfer Out Form (F & J Visas)

Letter Requests
Request a Letter from VISA

Optional Practical Training (F-1)
Request for Regular OPT
(fill out online, then print)
Request for STEM Optional Practical Training (fill out online, then print)
OPT Employment Update

Reduced Courseloads
Reduced Courseload Request (RCL)
(fill out online, then print)
Enrollment at Multiple Institutions (fill out online, then print)

Tax Information and Tax Forms
Request a Tax Prep Assistance Password
Virginia Tax Forms

Visa Document (I-20/DS-2019) Extension or Update
Recommendation for Extension of Visa Document
(fill out top section online, then print)
Request a New I-20 or DS-2019 (Please do NOT submit your current I-20.)
Financial Documentation Requirements
Financial Form

Office Forms for Faculty

Request for Visiting Faculty Documentation (DS-2019) (fill out online, then print)
H-1B Application (fill out online, then print)
Visiting Scholar Honoraria Request
(fill out online, then print)
Out of Country Notification Form for J-1 Researchers/Professors
Green Card Request Form
Green Card Labor Certification Form