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Educational AccessibilityRegistration Guidelines

Completing a Form

If you have a disability and plan to take classes at Old Dominion University, you should take the following steps:

  1. Complete an application for admission to the University and submit it to the Admissions office. Disclosure of a disability during the admissions process is not required or requested.

  2. After you have been accepted to the University, please submit your documentation for review to the Office Manager. Documentation which meets our guidelines* is required for registration with the Office of Educational Accessibility.

  3. The Office Manager will contact you to schedule an intake appointment with one of the Office of Educational Accessibility counselors once we have established eligibility.

  4. Meet with your academic advisor to plan your academic program and prepare for class registration.

  5. Register for classes.

  6. Complete the Request for Faculty Accommodation Letters form (available online and in the office) and submit to Disability Services.

  7. Pick up FACULTY ACCOMMODATION LETTERS from the Office of Educational Accessibility, sign and distribute to your intructors.

  8. Return the signed Accommodation Agreement Form to the Office of Educational Accessibility.

Professors are not required to provide accommodations until they have received your accommodation letter.