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Leadership Lecture Series

When you lead, you set an example. And when you set an example, you're positively influencing the lives of others. Leadership & Student Involvement has many leadership opportunities available. The Leadership Lecture Series offers leadership-focused programs throughout each semester to give students the opportunity to build on current leadership skills. Click on the link below to review the topics and register for individual workshops or to register your entire organization for a workshop. Start your leadership journey, sign up for the Leadership Lecture Series. Students who complete three or more sessions receive a Leadership Certificate.

“DiSCovering Leadership”

Sept 18, 2013

Cape Charles Room@ 12 noon

Dionicia Mahler-Rogers, Associate Director of the Office of Leadership & Student Involvement

Do you know what your "leadership style" is? If not, come and find out! This session will have the participants take a personal leadership inventory, called the DiSC. We will then explore the good, the bad and the ugly of each of the four styles and how leaders can best work with each type of leadership style. You are sure to have some "ah ha" moments in this interactive session!

This I Believe: Self Awareness as a Path to Leadership

Oct 2. 2013

Cape Charles Room@ 12 noon

Vamsi Manne

What's at your core? What motivates you to take action? In order to lead others and create positive change, one must be aware of their values, emotions, and beliefs. This interactive session offers participants an opportunity to reflect on their own beliefs and examine the core values that guide their daily lives.

After College: Leadership preparation for the future

Oct 16, 2013

Cape Charles Room@ 12 noon

Leadership Panel:

Beverly Forbes- Director of Experiential Education, Career Management Center

John C. Morris, Ph.D.-Professor and Graduate Program Director, Ph.D. Program

David Chapman- Urban Studies & Public Administration, MPA Director,

Blake Wingfield, Talent Acquisitions Manager, Enterprise Holdings

Nicole Kiger, Director Office of Leadership & Student Involvement

Are you getting the experiences that transfer to the skills you will need after graduation? Come learn from our panel of leaders what you should be doing while in college. Got the experiences? Our panelist will inform you how best to package your resume to meet the needs of graduate school and/or potential employers.

Authentic Leadership for Change

Oct 30, 2013

Cape Charles Room@ 12 noon

Presenter: Donald Davis is a professor in the Ph.D. program in industrial and organizational psychology and the Institute for Asian Studies at Old Dominion University. His research and consulting have focused on personal and organizational transformation since receiving his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He has been a Fulbright Scholar in China and has helped hundreds of managers improve their leadership performance in many organizations throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Creating successful change requires authentic leadership. Factors that strengthen authentic leadership will be discussed, and students will be taught some simple methods they can use to strengthen their own leadership effectiveness.

ODU Social Entrepreneurship: Shaping a Better World Today

November 13, 2013

Cape Charles Room@ 12 noon

Alicia Phillips

This session explores concepts of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a means to empowering individuals to realize their potential to make meaningful contributions to society. We will discuss how personal experiences, passions and strengths can be used as guides to success, well-being and lasting fulfillment.

Love is Blind: Uncovering the Blind Spots in Love

December 4, 2013

Cape Charles Room@ 12 noon

Crista Gambrell, Ph.D., LPC, Professional Counselor/Assistant Professor

Office of Counseling Services

It's hard to deny that we are made for relationship. Regardless of the type of relationship, or how casual or intimate it is, we exist in relation to other people. So, have you ever felt frustrated, misunderstood, or hurt because of a person in your life? Most of us have had relationships where we felt the other person just didn't get us. Despite our best intentions, the relationship was a challenge at best or a failure at worst. While there's little we can do to make ourselves accepted and understood by others, we can assess our love needs and the helpful and harmful ways we go about meeting those needs in relationships. Through discussion, role play, and personal reflection activities participants will uncover their blind spots in love and create action steps for how to address them.