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Spring Housing Application Information

We are glad that you are interested in on-campus housing at Old Dominion University. In order to better assist you in this process, please make sure to carefully read the information provided in the links below to have a better understanding before you apply.

By applying for housing at Old Dominion University, you are agreeing to the full Terms and Conditions of the Housing and Dining Agreement and entering into a legally binding agreement. As it is a legally binding agreement, it is important for you to fully understand the conditions of the agreement, so please take some time to review the documents and the information provided in the "Before You Begin" section.

Please take some time to review the information on our website to ensure that you have a full understanding of the process as it may help alleviate any tensions or concerns you may have. If at any time you have questions or would like to speak with someone directly, please do not hesitate to contact our office at housing@odu.edu or at 757-683-4283 (Toll Free 800-766-0833)

We look forward to having you join our community and wish you the best of luck here at Old Dominion University!

Before You Begin

Before you begin the application process, you may want to browse the residential communities to learn about the different options you will have in the applicaiton process. It is also a good idea to take a look at the following documents to get a better understanding of the commitment you are making to ODU prior to applying for housing:

You will want to make sure you have the following items ready to go before you start the process:

  • MIDAS account user name and password

  • A valid credit/debit card for the application fee ($50.00) and housing deposit ($200.00)

Understanding the Application Process

  • New Incoming First-Year and Transfer students cannot begin the application process until they have been admitted to the University and paid their $200.00 Admissions Deposit.

  • It is important to note that by applying for housing and completing the application process, you have agreed to a legally binding agreement and made a financial commitment to live on campus at ODU for the Spring 2014 semester (and summer 2014 where applicable).

  • Students are able to indicate building and roommate preferences at the time of application; Housing & Residence Life will make every attempt to accommodate preferences, but they are not guaranteed. Applying for on-campus housing is an application for a space on campus, not a particular space.

  • Students can begin applying and submitting housing deposits on October 1, 2013.

  • All students are required to pay the $250.00 housing application fee and deposit.

  • Applications are not considered complete until the student completes the online application and makes the $250.00 payment.

  • Payments will be requested in the application but student may also pay in person to the Office of Finance.

What To Do & What To Expect

  • Read all the information completely and carefully.

  • Apply early! This reduces stress and provides time to correct any potential problems.

  • Do Your Research! Spend some time reviewing our different apartment and residence hall community pages to better understand what to expect in the different areas. It is important to note where meal plans are required, which buildings are open over break periods, etc.

  • Assignment Policy - Acceptance of the Housing and Dining Agreement does not guarantee a specific room assignment. Review "room assignments" in the Housing and Dining Agreement for a better understanding.

  • Submitting your Application - Submit the Housing & Residence Life on-line application. Complete the application with the $200 housing deposit and $50 non-refundable application fee (total $250), accepted on-line or in-person to the Office of Finance.

  • After You Apply - Once the application, application fee ($50.00), and housing deposit ($200.00) are completed, you will receive notification that your application has been received and is complete.

  • Checking Your ODU Email - all communications during this process will go to your ODU email account, be sure to check it for updates and important information.

  • Assignments for the Spring 2014 semester cannot begin until after the close of the fall 2013 semester. Housing & Residence Life anticipates completing the first round of assignments and sending notifications on December 19, 2013 and will continue through the first week of the spring semester.

  • While Housing & Residence Life will make every attempt to provide on-campus housing to all those that request it, on-campus housing is not guaranteed.

Canceling Your Housing & Dining Agreement

Once you have applied for housing, you have a legally binding agreement with the University for the remainder of the 2013-2014 Academic Year (including Summer 2014 where applicable). We understand that plans and intentions may change for you through this time period, so please review the following to understand our process.

Canceling Prior to December 15

If it is prior to December 15 and you no longer require on-campus housing at Old Dominion University, you may cancel your Housing and Dining Agreement by logging back into the Student Housing Portal and selecting the application you orginally applied for. At the top of the application screen a bar with numbered steps will appear; you will click on the far right button labeled "Cancel Housing Application." You will receive a refund of the $200.00 housing deposit if you cancel by this date, but the $50.00 application fee remains non-refundable.

Canceling After December 15

If it is after December 15, 2012, your Housing and Dining Agreement is now in full effect. In order to cancel after this date, students must qualify for one of the pre-approved conditions as indicated in Section 9 of the Housing and Dining Agreement. Students may be required to go through the Petition for Release process depending upon their individual circumstances. Please contact Housing & Residence Life for further details.

Students that are approved through this process will be released from the 2013-2014 Housing and Dining Agreement will be canceled, but students will forfeit the $200.00 housing deposit and the $50.00 non-refundable application fee. If it is after spring opening (January 12, 2014), students may not be eligible for any refund and may not be able to be released from their financial obligations.

Timeline & Process

October 1 - Applications and Deposits Accepted

Students can access our online application and begin to submit applications and pay the application fee ($50.00) and housing deposit ($200.00) via our online system. To begin applying, visit the Student Housing Portal.

December 15 - Deadline to Cancel Your Application

Students may cancel their spring housing application and receive the $200.00 deposit returned if cancelled in writing by the end of business on December 15.

December 19 - First Round of Assignment Notifications Sent

Housing & Residence Life will send email notifications (to the student's ODU email account) of spring housing assignments by the end of business on December 19.

December 20 - January 15 Assignments Process and Notifications Continue

Housing & Residence Life will continue to assign students as vacancies become available. As additional assignments are made, notifications will be provided.

December 23 - January 2 University Closed

Please note that the entire University is closed from December 22, 2012 until January 2, 2013.

January 12 - Spring 2014 Move-In

New Students to on-campus housing may begin moving into their spring housing assignment on January 12, 2014 beginning at 10:00 a.m. Additional information will be provided to students in their assignment notification.

Meal Plan Rates

On-Campus Meal Plan Rates

Meal Plan Meals/Period Flex Points/Semester Cost/Term ** Eligibility

Block 300




All Residents

Block 225 225/semester $200 $2,064 All Residents
Block 160 160/semester $450 $2,064 All Residents
Block 160 Plus
160/semester $550 $2,143 All Residents
Block 80 80/semester $350 $1,139 Powhatan
Block 50 50/semester $125 $653 Powhatan
Block 50 Plus
50/semester $250 $760 Powhatan
Block 25
25/semester $100 $376 Powhatan

*Meal exchange at the P.O.D. Markets any time for ALL meal plan holders.

  • Meals do not transfer from semester to semester.

  • Flex point balances will carry over from Fall to Spring semester, if a meal plan is purchased both semesters.

  • Plans will be turned off at the end of Spring semester exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what order are housing assignments made?

Spring housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you apply, the better your chances to receive on-campus housing.

Will I be able to live in my preferred building or with my preferred roommate?

Housing & Residence Life has no control over where the vacancies for the spring semester will be. While we will make every attempt to accommodate specific roommate or building requests, they are not guaranteed.

Am I guaranteed on-campus housing for the spring semester?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee on-campus housing for the spring semester. While Housing & Residence Life is typically able to provide on-campus housing to those who desire it for the spring semester, we are reliant upon vacancies from students leaving the University after the fall semester; something we cannot control.

Why does the assignment process not begin until December 19?

The assignments process cannot begin until we have an understanding as to where our vacancies are. The fall semester closes on December 14 and once the paperwork is complete we begin the assignments process. Once assignments are made, notifications will be sent out to the student's ODU email accounts.

I didn't receive an assignment on December 19; does that mean I won't get on-campus housing?

Not necessarily. Over the winter break period our office continues to identify new vacancies and will continue the assignments process through the first week of classes. We realize this is not ideal for most students, but many students will not notify our office that they will not be returning to the University for the spring semester until the last minute, despite our best efforts to identify this information as early as possible.

I am having problems paying the $250.00 application fee and housing deposit online.

Students have several options to make this payment.

  1. Pay online through the Student Housing Portal in your applicaiton;
  2. Pay in person at the Cashier's Office in Rollins Hall;
  3. Mail your payment to the Office of Finance, 202 Rollins Hall, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, 23529.

Housing & Residence Life does not directly take any payments.

I cannot afford the $250.00 (non-refundable application fee and housing deposit), who can help?

We understand that some students may have problems fronting the cost of applying. If you have individual circumstances that may require some financial assistance, please contact our main office for assistance.

I am a new Transfer Student, where will I live?

While it is our goal to assign transfer students to upper-class buildings with returning students, transfer students are sometimes assigned where the vacancies exist. It is not uncommon for a transfer student to be assigned to a first-year building. It is important to remember that while a transfer student may have experience at another institution, some of our first-year communities are better set up to help students adjust and connect to Old Dominion University.