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Reward Yourself With Every Ride...

NuRide is the nation's first ridesharing network that rewards every time you share a ride. For every 10 rides, you'll receive $10 gift cards to places like TGI Friday's and Old Navy. NuRide enables you to electronically link up with other riders/drivers and make arrangements to share the ride. Getting started is easy. Just sign up for a free account at nuride.com Use your ODU email address. Once your account is set up, you'll be able control your entire NuRide experience online, from any computer, anywhere, 24/7/365.

Share a Ride

Once your trip is planned, NuRide shows you a list of people going your way. Click the names to see each person's work and travel information, as well as how other NuRider's have rated them, then choose who you want to share the ride with. Ride with your friends or meet new ones. Travel once a month or every day - it's always up to you.

Plan a Trip

Pick a day on your NuRide trip calendar and select "Plan a Trip". Then specify where you want to go (each trip must cover at least five miles in order to earn points), how flexible you are, and whether you want to drive or ride. It's just like booking an airline ticket on line - you call the shots. Just remember, the more flexible you are regarding ride characteristics, the more opportunities you will have for matches!

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Earn Rewards

Confirm your completed trips to earn NuRide Miles - at least 100 per trip - then cash those miles in whenever you want. Rewards start at 1,000 miles (good for a $10 gift card), so if you ride to and from work with just one other person, you could earn your first reward in only one week! Share rides to places other than work, or ride with more than two people in one vehicle, and you can earn rewards even faster.