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NCSOSE is an Old Dominion University enterprise research center with the mission:

To develop, disseminate, and put into practice methodologies and technologies grounded in systems theory and focused on decision making for multidisciplinary problems.

The Center has six mission areas that serve to focus capability development, funded research efforts, and scholarship. All mission areas have the common thread of Systems Theory as their underlying conceptual and developmental basis. The six mission areas include:

  1. System of Systems Engineering - developing the formal methodology and tools to effectively address system of systems problems.
  2. Decision Analysis - development of multi-attribute models and simulation for decision support.
  3. Performance Measurement -- development and application of measurement systems of value to a wide variety of enterprises and those enterprise's specific problems.
  4. Project Management and Scheduling -- assisting organizations struggling with the challenges of managing in today's complex project driven environments.
  5. Systems Education and Training - development and delivery of advanced systems education and training to prepare individuals and organizations to deal with complex problems.
  6. Operational Test and Evaluation -- developing test plans responsive to the expectations of tested systems' key stakeholders, especially end-users.

The Center is develops each of the interrelated mission areas by concentrating on:

  • Scholarship - pushing the research boundaries of the mission areas to make discoveries, generate knowledge, and disseminate practice content.
  • Relationships - pursuit of associations with industry, business, government, and academic organizations that have interests or needs related to the mission areas.
  • Sustainability - ensuring the achievement of the Center mission and propagation of the mission areas by providing necessary resources.