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Performance Measurement

For more information about the Performance Measurement mission area, please contact:

Thomas J. Meyers, Ph.D.
Principal Research Scientist
National Centers for System of Systems Engineering
Old Dominion University
4111 Monarch Way, Suite 406
Norfolk, VA 23508-2563
Phone: 757-683-5145
Fax: 757-683-6912
Cell: 757-779-8188

Performance Measurement Mission Area

The NCSOSE staff experience with performance measurement has focused on the development and application of measurement systems of value to a wide variety of enterprises and those enterprise's specific problems. Application domains extend to public or private, government or commercial, and profit or non-profit sectors. Specific capabilities include:

  • Validation of principles supporting enterprise assessment, improvement, and design;
  • Performance measurement system development; and
  • Performance measurement system application.

Our approach to performance measurement and management is based on our NCSOSE-developed Enterprise AID methodology, shown below:


The Enterprise AID - for assessment, improvement, and design - methodology is a systems science-, operational test and evaluation-, and multicriteria decision analysis-based approach to design and deployment of performance measurement and management systems (PMMSs) tailored to specific enterprises pursuing any or all of enterprise assessment, improvement, or design. Its two phases of design and deployment represent designers' inductively generated response to what they perceive as a gap between capabilities needed to support contemporary enterprises and those offered by contemporary PMMSs. Examples we have explored range from the commonplace (baseball) to the sophisticated (FEMA debris removal):