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Systems Theory


Systems theory is what differentiates NCSOSE from all other systems engineering organizations. Systems theory, its axioms, and supporting propositions are the foundation for understanding systems and the methodologies NCSOSE uses to approach multidisciplinary systems issues. Systems theory is a coherent multi-disciplinary body of knowledge with major implications for systems practitioners. Consequently, we propose that systems theory is a unified group of specific propositions which are brought together to aid in understanding systems, thereby invoking improved explanatory power and interpretation. It is precisely this group of propositions that enables thinking and action with respect to system. Systems theory is expressed in the relationship between the systems axioms.


Multidisciplinary nature of systems theory

The axioms of systems theory and their supporting propositions come from a wide number of fields of science. As such, systems theory is founded on a multidisciplinary approach to understanding systems. Systems theory uses propositions form the major fields of science.