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ODU Peninsula Regional Center:Testing Services for ODU Students

Location & Contact

Nina Gonzalez
Suite 2200

Exams are given by appointment only
Students must begin exams in order to be finished a half-hour before we close


Students must provide a legal photo ID.

Electronic Devices

All electronic devices (e.g. cell phone, beeper, PDA, etc.) must be turned off, put away, out of sight.

Honor Code & Code of Student Conduct

The University Honor Code is in effect at all times. - All Students will sign this statement at the time of the exam.

Student Registered with Office of Educational Accessibility

You must have an Accommodation Letter (from the accessibility office) on file with the ODU Peninsula Center.

Faculty Guidelines

  1. Questions, please contact Nina Gonzalez at 757-766-5200 or via e-mail at phec@odu.edu
  2. Arrange to have the test delivered to the ODU Peninsula Center at least two working days prior to the scheduled time - this can be done by e-mail.
  3. Need to send an e-mail to phec@odu.edu stating the student(s) information, when they must complete the exam by, length of the exam, any instructions including what they can use during the exam.
  4. All exams will be returned though campus mail (unless otherwise arranged in advance) through the distance learning office.