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Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduate Research Lab

Research Highlights

  • 2011-2012 Undergraduate Research Grants
  • 2011-2012 Provost's Award for Outstanding Research Mentor
  • 2011-2012 Provost's Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers

Join us Feb. 7th and 8th for the ODU Undergraduate Research Symposium

About the Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program is an initiative of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Honors College designed to promote, support and fund the involvement of undergraduate students in the active research community at Old Dominion University.

The program's goals are to:

  • facilitate the expansion and development of faculty mentored, undergraduate research experiences across colleges and departments,
  • work to connect top students with faculty members active in undergraduate research mentoring,
  • promote the achievements of our undergraduate researchers, and
  • develop funding opportunities for colleges, departments, faculty members and students to support undergraduate research and travel.

These programs are open to all ODU students in good academic standing who are interested in becoming involved in research. Please use the list of links on the sidebar to find information about the Undergraduate Research Program's latest funding initiatives and events.

Information for Students

Old Dominion University is classified as a Carnegie Research Institution with "high research activity". The goal of the Undergraduate Research Program is to promote and facilitate the inclusion of undergraduates in ODU's active research community to expand students' educational experience, and preparation for graduate programs and the job market. The goal is to support mentored research activities that connect our top undergraduate students with faculty who are active in research. New opportunities and funded research programs will be updated frequently.

Why get involved?

  • Give yourself a competitive edge for research careers and graduate school
  • Increase your knowledge through hands-on and inquiry-based experiences
  • Develop exciting academic and career paths
  • Hone your critical thinking, communication, and quantitative skills and abilities
  • Begin research that will lead to an honors thesis or capstone project
  • Get connected to other students involved in ODU's active research community
  • Make a difference by offering your expertise to community organizations locally and around the world

How To Get Involved

  • Freshman & Sophomore students can get involved in research by enrolling in "Getting Started in Undergraduate Research" (UNIV 195) and "Apprenticeship in Undergraduate Research" (HNRS 226).
  • Juniors and Seniors can get involved in Supervised and Mentored Research courses in their Department
  • Go to the Research Opportunities link to find Faculty Research Mentors in your field of interest
  • Ask your Professors! Most ODU faculty members have active research programs in areas related to the courses they teach. If you are interested in getting involved in research in that area, schedule an appointment with your professor and ask them about their current research projects.
  • Contact Us: The Director Undergraduate Research Program will be happy to help you find research opportunities in your area of interest and help you connect with a mentor in your area of interest or major

Already involved in undergraduate research?

  • Register Your Mentored Undergraduate Research Project: By registering, you will receive information about new travel, award and funding opportunities. This information will also help us document our students' amazing level of involvement and accomplishments.
  • Apply for Undergraduate Research Grants: The Honors College and Undergraduate Research Program offer grants to fund undergraduate research projects and travel to present your research at professional conferences.
  • Present your research: Submit to present your research at ODU's Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and/or publish your research in our Annual Undergraduate Research Journal. Also, there are several regional and national undergraduate research conferences where you can submit your research.


Muscle Activity Research

Many departments offer credits that count toward your major for participating in supervised or mentored research projects in conjuntion with a faculty member.

Research Opportunities


The Undergraduate Research Program has teamed up with the Career Management Center to offer listings of undergraduate research opportunities.



Funding opportunities are available for undergraduates conducting original research, scholarship, or creative work under the mentorship of a full-time faculty member.

Register Project

Completing a Form

If you are an undergraduate student who is currently involved in research with a faculty mentor, please fill out the register project form so that your project can be included in the Undergraduate Research Program's Annual Research Report.


Bioelectrics conference

The undergraduate research program provides funding for travel for undergraduate students to present original research at professional conferences.


The 2012 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium provides undergraduates with the opportunity to present the results of their research projects in a public forum.

Faculty Mentors

Faculty members who provide students with hand-on experience in their ongoing research and academic pursuits provide one of the most important contributions to our University's educational mission and our students' future success.