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Guide to Research Support at ODU

Physics High Bay Tower

Support for research at Old Dominion University is provided by the Office of Research and the Research Foundation. Although closely linked, the two offices have distinct roles in supporting faculty research. Both are located on the second floor of Innovation Research Park I at the intersection of 41st Street and Monarch Way.

The Office of Research, an administrative department of the university, assists faculty through a three-pronged approach: research development, research compliance and licensing and technology.

The Old Dominion University Research Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization that is a seperate entity from the Office of Research. The Foundation serves as the university's fiscal agent for sponsored program activities.

For further direction and specific questions, please refer to the full list of Office of Research and Research Foundation staff, or download a PDF of this information.

Office of Research

The Research Development team offers strategic proposal development services to both new and senior faculty, including:

  • Conducts targeted funding searches
  • Delivers grant opportunities through weekly listservs
  • Provides Community of Science database training
  • Helps with assembly of multi-disciplinary collaborative terms
  • Analyzes solicitations and guidelines
  • Strategizes with faculty to strengthen proposals
  • Offers writing guideance including outlines, checklists and editing support
  • Hosts agency-specific, program-specific and other grant-related workshops and webinars
  • Produces the ODU Annual Research Report

The development team manages the office's four intramural funding programs: Summer Research Fellowship Program, Summer Experience Enahncing Collaborative Research, Faculty Proposal Preparation Program and Multidisciplinary Seed Funding.

The Research Compliance team ensures adherence to federal regulations governing research risks.

  • Manages the protocol review process for human subjects, animal subjects and biosafety research
  • Consults with investigators on study design to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Provides educational outreach to researchers
  • Ensures training requirements for faculty and students are met
  • Assesses research activities for relevance to Export Control regulations
  • Confirms research conflicts of interest are appropriately managed

The compliance team works closely with and recieves research submissions for the university's Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Institutional Biosafety Committee.

The Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer team focuses on converting the results of academic endeavors to commerically viable products.

  • Evaluates ideas and academic efforts disclosed by faculty and generated in the course of research and scholarly activities
  • Seeks to protect intellectual property with commercail potential through patent protection or other forms of intellectual proprty protection
  • Licenses intellectual property rights to third parties through relationships with industry and by fostering entrepreneurism
  • Negotiates and manages the Material Transfer Agreement process
  • Establishes Teaming Agreements, Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

Research Foundation

The pre-award grant contract administrator team assists faculty with proposal review and submission process.

  • Advises faculty on sponsor instructions
  • Assembles required elements
  • Develops budgets and justifications
  • Obtains documentation from external partners
  • Reviews compliance with agency guidelines
  • Reviews a sponsor's legal terms and conditions
  • Interacts with the sponsor on all non-technical matters
  • Serves as the authorized official for signatures and electronic submission.

The post-award grant contract administrator team assists faculty with grants once they are awarded.

  • Ensures expenditures area allowable under federal regulations and appropriate under specific sponsored program, ODU and Research Foundation policies
  • Negotiates terms and conditions of contracts
  • Issues and negotiates subcontracts and consultant agreements
  • Creates Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
  • Assists with tracking reports and other deliverables
  • Monitors and documents cost share requirements
  • Administers Office of Research intramural funding budgets
  • Processes faculty release time, summer conversion and supplemental summer salary
  • Ensures appropriate project close-out with sponsors

The accounting team works in conjunction with the post-award grant contract administrators.

  • Documents time and effort spent on grants
  • Processes payroll
  • Procures goods and services for sponsored programs
  • Coordinates financial reporting and compliance audits
  • Pays grant-related expenses
  • Bills sponsors for grant work performed.

The Research Foundation maintains its own Human Resources department for recruitment, classification and compensation systems to fulfill the unique requirements of researchers.

  • Assists with payroll authorizations
  • Advertises and recruits faculty researchers and student research assistants
  • Assists with new employee paperwork and benefits administration
  • Collaborates with International Student and Scholar Services to ensure employees have appropriate VISA status and classification
  • Provides guidance on worker's compensation
  • Provides employee handbook, performance evaluations and performance management support.

For More Information

Office of Research

Morris Foster, Vice President for Research

Tawana Hardy, Assistant to the Vice President for Research

Karen Eck, Director of Research Development

TBA, Research Development and Outreach Coordinator

Adam Rubenstein, Director of Research Compliance

Kersten Wheeler, Research Compliance Coordinator

Khaled Abul-Hassan, Director of Innovations Commercialization

Reis Alsberry, Patent Licensing Associate

Marcus E. Jones, Orchid Conservator

Amy Fawcett, Web Communications Specialist

Grant Development Specialists

Melissa Hallman, College of Education

Steve Landowne, College of Sciences

Karina Arcaute, Batten College of Engineering & Technology

Jackie Stein, College of Arts & Letters and Strome College of Business

Elizabeth Saltzman, College of Health Sciences

Research Foundation

Julian Facenda, Executive Director

Teresa Haagsma, Director of Finance

Cynthia A. Matney, Director of Sponsored Programs

Hope Fowler, Director of Human Resources

S. Dawn Hamiliton, Office Manager/Facility Security Officer

Pre-Award Grant and Contract Administration Team

Richard Brammer

Annemarie Delgado

Stephanie Harris

Nicole Swartz

Post-Award Grant and Contract Administration Team

April Bennett

Bridgett Burman

Alex Credle

Terra Dews

Becky Ellis

Samantha Riggins

Dan Snyder

John Stover

Carly Thomas