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Staff Meeting

Quick Reference

A Technology Classroom Quick Guide has been placed in every Technology Classroom. They are printed on green paper and are attached to the side of the instructor's desk/podium. If the guide is missing please e-mail itshelp@odu.edu call the Help Desk at 757.683.3192 or use the hotline phone in classroom.

Classroom Central Videos

Orientation training is required for any instructor using a technology classroom. This training is provided by the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and is offered at the beginning of each semester. Keys are not issued until the training has been completed.

After completing the training, faculty assigned to technology classrooms should contact Classroom Central. The Classroom Central staff will provide keys to media cabinets and classroom doors. Note: Some technology classrooms have swipe locks that require the University ID card for entry. Each technology classroom is equipped with a hotline telephone to use in the event that technical support is needed.


In-Person Training

The Center for Learning and Teaching schedules several technology classroom training sessions prior to the beginning of each semester.

During the semester, you may contact CLT to receive equipment training or discuss the use of media in the classroom. This is helpful if the configuration of equipment changes, you need to use an unfamiliar piece of equipment, or if you need assistance with effective integration of technology for course delivery.

Student Organizations

If your student organization has reserved academic space (meetings, Programs, etc.), training is required to use the equipment in the technology classrooms. Please e-mail Classroom Central or call the Technical Support Center at least 2 weeks in advance of your event to arrange training.