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Invoice Requirements

Before payment can be processed, a "proper" invoice must be received by Accounts Payable.

Elements of a Proper Invoice

Each invoice presented by a vendor for payment must be clear and accurate and free from mathematical and quantity errors. As a minimum, each invoice must contain the following elements to facilitate efficient and effective payment processing:

Mailing Invoices

All hard copy invoices should be mailed directly to:

Old Dominion University
Finance Office
Rollins Hall, Room 202
Norfolk VA 23529-0047

Electronic Submission of Invoices

Vendors may choose to submit electronic invoices to invoice@odu.edu.

  • Name of the vendor
  • Vendor "Remit to" address
  • Vendor Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • ODU Purchase Order Number
  • ODU Contact Name
  • Payment Due Date
  • Payment Terms and Discounts
  • Description of goods/services delivered (per the purchase order)
  • Quantity delivered by line item (per the purchase order)
  • Cost per item and Extended Cost (should agree to the purchase order costs)
  • Freight Charges (per the purchase order)
  • Total Amount Due (should agree to the purchase order amount)
  • No sales tax for tax exempt goods/services
  • Special Terms or any additional information needed for accurate payment processing

When a Defective Invoice is Received

  • Invoices not delivered in accordance with agency instructions (included on the purchase order) are not considered to have been submitted in a timely manner and may result in payment delays.
  • Invoices missing any required element will be deemed defective and will be returned without action to the vendor with a letter detailing what defect needs to be corrected.
  • When a corrected invoice is received, a new due date will be calculated.
  • Vendors may choose to submit electronic invoices to invoice@odu.edu. Vendors who do not wish to use the e-mail option may continue sending paper invoices to the address above. Please remember to include the purchase order number on electronic invoices.

Note: Invoices should NOT be sent to the department. Doing so may delay payment.