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University Web & Electronic Communications

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University Web and Electronic Communications is a key component of strategic communiations at the university by managing and growing Old Dominion University's online presence and electronic communications and by ensuring that electronic communications promote the university's brand and strategic goals.

Core Responsibilities

  • Provide university-wide website content strategy - implement and enforce this strategy
  • Serve as the chief responsible office for Old Dominion University website content, to include text, design, imagery, video and other media
  • Serve as the chief responsible office for Old Dominion University's presences on social media platforms
  • Provide university-wide social media strategy that integrates with the web strategy - implement and enforce this strategy
  • Maintain the integrity of the university's website information architecture
  • Develop and maintain top-level pages, including the university homepage
  • Maintain and ensure compliance with University web standards
  • Work with departments and units to ensure content remains relevant and up-to-date
  • Test and evaluate the site and individual pages to ensure usability, relevance, accessibility and alignment with current best practices
  • Recommend and implement standards for other forms of electronic communications (email, presentations)
  • Liaison with the Web Development team of Information Technology Services (ITS), which is responsible for the hardware, software and back-end development for the website

Website Redesign Project

The University is undergoing a project to refresh its Web presence. The redesign, approved by administration, includes appearance, structure, user experience and maintainability.

University Communications

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