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Awards & Recognition

Recognizing employee accomplishments - big and small - is critical to department success, employee morale, motivation, and retention of valuable employees. Recognizing staff - even in the simplest ways - has the two-fold affect of acknowledging the accomplishment of the employee who is recognized AND demonstrating to the whole team that effort and success are important and will be noted! A 10-minute meeting at the coffee station or water cooler, a box of donuts, and an announcement acknowledging an individual or team success (ESPECIALLY if this is done periodically throughout the year) will likely have more impact on the team than expensive trophies given out at a formal annual event!

The Department of Human Resource Management has provided guidelines (see ODU policy) for developing recognition programs and a policy stipulating monetary and non-monetary gift limits, tax issues, and the like. Links to those documents are provided.

At Old Dominion University, departments are encouraged to develop department-specific recognition programs that address the unique challenges and accomplishments in their department. In order to conduct a recognition program, the manager must submit that plan to the Human Resource Department for review prior to implementation. Managers may contact the Employee Relations Manager for assistance with developing recognition program plans. An important part of planning recognition is budgeting funds to support the recognition program.

To acknowledge individual and team accomplishments for classified and hourly employees, managers should complete the Immediate Recognition Form, obtain the required signatures, and submit to the Human Resources Department.