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Off-Campus Housing

Choosing to live off-campus can have its perks; but knowing how to find the right place can be a challenge. Off-Campus Housing Services is here to assist you with your search for the perfect new home and provide you resources for living in your new space. Individual appointments are available, upon request, for one-on-one assistance.

Off-Campus Property Listings

Becoming a Commuter

Utility Set-up

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Moving to a new place has to be made with good planning and careful choice. You'll need to have all of your utilities in place in your residence before your move-in date.

Managing Your Finances


It is important to plan ahead when you are living off campus to ensure that you have enough money to cover expenses.

Landlord Relations

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Your relationship with your landlord is one of the most important relationships you can have when living off campus. A strong relationship can make your time off campus nice and enjoyable.